A More Sensitive, Leftist Censored World

By: Doug Hagin

Recently one of my favorite thinkers, Dennis Prager, wrote about how Leftists love to censor anything they disapprove of. He used several examples of Leftists censoring photos to remove cigarettes or other things they deem unworthy or offensive.
The Left is, despite their oft repeated claims of open-,mindedness, tolerance and inclusiveness, the most radically closed-minded and intolerant folks walking the earth. Anything they do not approve of, they seek to remove, period! No debate, no discussion, certainly no tolerance, just erase it and pretend it not only should not exist, but also in fact pretend it never did! An ostrich has nothing on these intellectual midgets.

Just today, as I updated my website GatorSense, http://doughagin.tripod.com/ I ran across another example of Leftist censorship. At Liberty Elementary School in Colleyville, Texas Janet Travis, the principal there, had a coin on a yearbook cover altered to remove the words “In God We Trust” from an image of a coin there.

Travis was trying to be sensitive, she was afraid the image of a coin, with that phrase on it, might offend some student, so she chose to go to some absolutely idiotic extreme that has ended up offending most everyone, religious or not who has heard of her deed!

This, of course pretty much fits into what Leftism is all about. Offend 99.9 %of the people to avoid even possibly causing one person not to have their precious little self-esteem bruised! I wonder how this principal plans to protect the students who would be upset over this image of a coin on a yearbook cover. I mean will she pass out her phone number to her students in case they see the words “In God We Trust” on money in real life. Will she plan to council them if their school bus passes a church on the way to or from school? What if these students happen to visit a friends home where there is a Bible? Does Travis think they will not be able to handle such an experience?

The sad truth is Leftists, or those who even practice such leftist inspired asininity, do not give people, children or adults much credit. They see people as spoon heads that cannot think for themselves or function without some Leftist elite telling them what to do. Consider some other examples of Leftist censorship.

The most glaring example is the dreaded ”N“ word! The word nigger, there I dared to use it, is an ugly slur that will rightfully get your behind whipped should you use it towards a Black person. It is a despicable word, but does refusing to say it, make anyone or anything any better? Are we all children who need “bad” words spelled around us? Well D A M N I am glad Leftists care so much about our feelings!

If the word nigger, oh no that crazy Doug Hagin used it again, is so offensive then isn’t saying the “N” word just as offensive? After all, we know what word someone is really talking about don’t we. It is a word, nothing more; when we begin to delete words from our lexicon because they can be hurtful, we do ourselves no favors!

What other words should we not use? How about the word cotton? Certainly, slavery was a very ugly and inhumane institution wasn’t it. Therefore, when we say “cotton” maybe that causes someone to think about slaves picking cotton and causes them some upset. Can’t have that can we? Maybe we should start saying the “C” word instead. Let us see now, imagine you buy a new shirt, made of the “C” word. You, wearing you new shirt, meet a friend who says, “Oh I love that shirt! Is it made of the “C” word?

“Why yes, yes it is made of the “C” word,” you reply.

D A M N I feel more sensitive already!

Wait though, there is the word Confederate that causes offense to some too. That word also starts with the letter “C”. What to do now? How about the word rebel? Confederate soldiers were often referred to as rebels, if Confederate offends then rebels does too! How about the color gray? Confederate soldiers wore gray uniforms and since they were offensive shouldn’t we erase the color gray to not offend anyone? Wait though, the uniforms those Confederate soldiers wore were often butternut colored. Therefore, the color butternut should go too! Cannot risk offending anyone after all.

Wait though; the word butter is in the word butternut, so I guess the word butter is gone as well. So imagine if we really embrace this hypersensitive insanity! Imagine sitting down to a meal with a friend. You are wearing that new shirt; made of you know what, eating biscuits slathered with you know what, and as you look out your window you see the clouds look like it is going to rain. How will your new sensitive, never offend anyone supper conversation go?

“The sky is really “G” word today looks like rain” Your friend notes.

“Yes” you reply grabbing a hot biscuit, ”could you pass the “B” word?”

‘Sure” your friend answers passing the “B” word, “Really like that new shirt on you.”

“Thanks” you answer with a sensitive smile, “It is so comfortable, made of the “C” word you know.”

D A M N that is really a sensitive conversation! On the other hand, maybe it is not sensitive at all. Maybe it is just A B S U R D!

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