The North American What?

By: David Tatosian

Attorney General Gonzales recently announced a new national strategy to crack down on violent street gangs.

Joining forces with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) “Operation Community Shield”, Gonzales has targeted criminal street gangs in six locations: Los Angeles, Ca., Tampa, Fla., the “222 Corridor” that runs from Easton to Lancaster, Penn., Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX., Cleveland Ohio and Milwaukee Wis.

To date, “Operation Community Shield” has netted 2,388 arrests, 900 of which were members of the deadly Mara Salvatruhca (MS-13) gang, and the confiscation of 117 firearms.

According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, the criminal membership of street gangs is more than 713,000. (1)

117 firearms. 2,388 arrests. 713,000 criminal gang members.

That’s an arrest rate of less than one half of one percent.

No disrespect to the rank and file, but given that ICE’s “Operation Community Shield” specifically targets foreign-born gang members, why so few arrests? What would prevent ICE from rounding up the illegal alien gang members and simply deporting them?

Does Mr. Bush’s faith based pronouncement that all illegal aliens are good-hearted people who are only trying to put food on the table apply to illegals engaged in robberies, murders and drug running too?

Attorney General Gonzales states, “…to fully combat gang crime, we also need to address the underlying personal, family and community factors that cause people to choose gangs over better, more productive alternatives…the Department of Justice gang prevention initiatives are intended to address these issues…”

Of course the best way to prevent criminal behavior is a strong family, adherence to religious beliefs and civic responsibility.

All of which have been supplanted, with disastrous results, by 40 years of ‘Great society” programs similar to those touted by Mr. Gonzales.

Clearly, when it comes to illegal aliens Mr. Gonzales, like Mr. Bush, feels flagrant criminality is a social, rather than a law enforcement issue.

Since 9/11, more and more of us have been outraged at Mr. Bush’s arrogance and neglect concerning border security and the illegal alien crisis in this country.

We have rightly asked why a sitting president in a time of war so readily dismisses the safety and security of his fellow citizens in favor of millions of foreign nationals illegally on our soil.

We have appealed to Mr. Bush’s common sense in suggesting that an unregulated border is an open invitation to those same terrorists we are at war with.

Mr. Bush and his supporters have responded by calling us vigilantes, racists, bigots, xenophobes, nazis and yahoos.

But still questions go unanswered, appeals fall on deaf ears and the amnesty proceeds.
It has been suggested that Mr. Bush’s enthusiasm and support for the new “North American Union”, a political and economic entity structured along the lines of the European Union, might be one explanation for Mr. Bush’s seemingly impenetrable behavior. (2)

In a nutshell: Mr. Bush, Mr. Fox and Mr. Martin have announced their desire to “…help consolidate our efforts within a North American framework, to meet security and economic challenges, and promote the full potential of our people, by reducing regional disparities and increasing opportunities for all…” and to “…establish working parties led by our ministers and secretaries that will consult with stakeholders in our respective countries…”

Regional disparities like differing cultures and standards of living?

And are those disparities to be eliminated by politically appointed elites beyond the influence of the American people?

Well then, within the context of advancing a North American Union, Mr. Bush’s actions take on a clarity and purpose heretofore unimagined.

If the goal is to eliminate disparities and promote cross border movement of goods and labor, of what use is the sovereignty of the United States of America to Mr. Bush and his friends?

The question is how do we stop this man and his accomplices from stealing the country?

Yes, we can trudge off to our polling booths and vote for either the “Worse” candidate or the “God Awful” candidate, thereby guaranteeing more of the same.

Should we take on the Herculean task of ballot initiatives and referendums that are, more often than not, rendered moot by whatever circuit court has jurisdiction?

Should we call for his impeachment while Congressional Prima Donnas rail against the equal application of the laws against one of their own?

The betrayal, treasonous acts and crimes committed by Mr. Bush and our representatives demand harsher consequences than the loss of an election or impeachment.

And what are their plans for us after the next terrorist strike?


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