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June 30, 2006

Howard Dean: Get U.S. Back to Turbulent 60′s

Showing once again the bankruptcy of ideas in the Democratic Party, Party Chairman, Howard Dean, said that he thinks the U.S. is about to return to the era of the 1960′s. “We’re about to enter the ’60s again,” he …

Twelve-Step Feminist Cure

It’s a condition that’s known to be chronic, progressive, and highly contagious. With my own eyes I’ve seen bright, caring women fall under the sway of its deceptive allure. They soon begin to speak and act like someone possessed.

Again, American Muslims are MIA

It seems like only yesterday when Americans were hearing how the obvious coexistence of terrorism and Islam is only the chosen coexistence of a very few. After all, one gazes about the world and sees the billion or so …

Good News In Iraq You Wont Hear About

Filed under: American Military,Featured Conservative - 30 Jun 2006

It has long been said that the mainstream media focuses only the bad things happening in Iraq and often, if not always, glosses over any reports of progress or positive news. By adhering to the “If it bleeds, it leads” …

Democrats and News Media Celebrate Terrorists’ Victory

Thursday may have been a dark day for those charged with fighting terrorism both here and abroad, but for many Democrats and the news media it was a day of celebration when five black-robed lawyers sitting on the US Supreme …

June 29, 2006

Before You Join The Military, Don’t Forget Your Permission Slip

War is hell. As a former member of the United States Navy, armed combat on the ground was the last thing I thought about while serving onboard the USS Midway back in the eighties. But if I had joined …

Border Patrol & National Guard Kick Off Operations, But Critics Unimpressed

Filed under: Immigration - 29 Jun 2006

This past week, US Customs and Border Protection’s Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector received the initial deployment of Texas National Guardsmen in support of Operation Jumpstart, according to a report to the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

June 28, 2006

Dick Cheney Was Right: Defeatists owe VP an apology

Filed under: War On Terror - 28 Jun 2006

Just over a year ago, Vice President Cheney told CNN’s Larry King, “I think they’re in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency.” The media reacted to this not only as if they thought he was incorrect, but …

Bishop announces what the gay agenda is

Filed under: Politics In General,Religion & Faith - 28 Jun 2006

At the Episcopal Church Convention earlier this month, Bishop Gene Robinson said something astounding. He declared, “The gay agenda is Jesus Christ.”

ABC – TV Show ‘24’, Derided as ‘Conservative Love-Fest’

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood,War On Terror - 28 Jun 2006

ABC’s Jake Tapper had an interesting — if not entirely dismissive — take on the recent panel discussion of the Fox TV series, 24 hosted by Radio’s Rush Limbaugh. Calling it a “love-fest”, Tapper was in the audience at …

John Murtha, A Threat To World Peace

Leave it to Leftist Congressman John Murtha to take a cheap shot at our troops and at America, at every opportunity. Leave it to “war hero” Murtha, to lower himself to the lowest common denominator. Leave it to good old, …

Blacks Applaud House Leadership for Stopping Senate Immigration Bill

Filed under: Immigration - 28 Jun 2006

While most civil-rights leaders, including Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, support illegal aliens and amnesty, many African-Americans believe they do so as partisan Democrats and not in the best interests of blacks in America.

The Gray Old Benedict Arnold?

If Julius and Ethel Rosenberg had started a newspaper and published the classified information they had acquired in that paper instead of passing it covertly to the Soviets would they still have been guilty of treason?

June 27, 2006

Liberals And Their Selective Outrage

Liberals often view conservatives as a bunch mindless robots taking orders from a few central charismatic figures who programmed them. The famous and familiar mantra that “progressives” regurgitate in regards to this belief is: “Think for yourself.” As if the …


Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 27 Jun 2006

There is about to be some serious cases of discrimination that should be brought to the court as soon as possible if and when the bill S.2611 is passed.

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