I have to wonder

By: Carolyn Hileman

Our troops fighting overseas are not heroes they are murderers, senate leaders who pass a bill that looks more like a laundry list of LARAZA demands are heroes. Illegal immigrants march in our streets and they are just poor immigrants living in the shadows and afraid to show their faces in the light of day. Americans pick up their flags and start marching in the streets or holding rallies and they are white racist pigs.

If you are an American like me and you felt the need to protect your borders and hold rallies and marches to get other people involved. You would be asked questions like “What do you say to those people who call you racist?” Or my personal favorite “What do you say to those who would say that you are a bunch of uneducated high school drop outs?” Then after you had answered their questions and even spent time trying to educate them as to what the problem is and why you felt the need to respond they would lead their broadcast with Pro American or Racist Rally, the news paper coverage on the second or third rally would headline with group denies ties to the KKK.

We do not hold those signs because we in our youth had an overwhelming desire to be billboards; we hold those signs because our leaders are working very diligently to give our country away. They have given some really impassioned pleas on the floor to make sure that this bill was fair to the illegal immigrants. The only one I have heard that gave as impassioned speech about what this bill would do to Americans was Senator Jeff Sessions. He was the only one, the only one that told the American people what stupid stuff they had put in there and let me tell you if you haven’t read it you simply must.

Let me explain this to you very carefully, because I want all you educated people to understand. This is not the Amnesty that Ronald Reagan gave, this is entirely different. This is the wholesale give away of our country; it is essentially an open borders act that allows anyone in here from any country. This is protections for people who are criminals that Americans are not even afforded. This is one big ticket item we will be paying for, for a very long, long time. Not only do they plan to give them amnesty, they plan to give them the keys to our country.

So please feel free to call me a white racist pig, if that is what it takes to get people to understand what is really going on here then I will proudly wear that label. However I ask one thing and one thing only before you pass judgment on me and our group come out there and find out what we are about. Call me I have made no secret of my phone number or my e-mail. I am not hiding from anyone, including the illegal immigrants, I am right here if any of you wish to call me a racist to my face then try it. I suppose you can guess by the tone of this that I am angry, I am very angry. I am sick and damn tired of having to defend my right of protest; I am sick of being compared to and asked about the Damn KKK. The media act as though we cannot protest without KKK backing. Well let me tell you something and I want you all to hear me really well. I do not need anyone’s permission or backing to stand up for my country.

If you are staying away from the rallies because you think we are racist then it is just as well you don’t come because you would probably like the senate bill and open the borders yourself. If you are staying away from our rallies because your afraid of being called a racist, then you definitely do not need to be there because we are not going to be hiding there we will be in plain sight with signs and our love of country clearly visible on our sleeves. If you are staying away because you feel we can do nothing, I suggest you take a look at the Lufkin Mayor race and then tell me what you think, yes, we take some credit for that the rest belongs solely to him. If you love your country then come out and take your place on the sidewalk, stand and be proud. We are not going away; you can not shame us away because we know in our hearts that our cause is a righteous one. You cannot scare us away because we are not afraid of anything but inaction. We will be there On July 1,2006, see you there.

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” –Samuel Adams
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