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By: Doug Hagin

Those of you who read the columns of my good friend, Edward Daley, know how sincere and thoughtful a man he is. You also certainly recognize him as one of this countrys very best columnists. I truly hope all of you have taken the time to read his two latest columns calling for a Conservative Convention. If you have not please visit my site and read them here

Anyone, particularly any Conservative who has begin to grow disillusioned with the current direction of the Republican Party, will greatly appreciate the idea to reclaim that party for Conservatives. I mean let us face up to reality here. In 1994, young, energetic Republicans campaigned as Conservatives, and won for the GOP control of the House and Senate. Conservatives across the fruited plane cheered and were quite pleased.

Two years later, the Republicans held on to those majorities by campaigning as Conservatives. In 1998, it happened once again. How very simple a formula for success it was too. Republicans simply ran on issues the majority of Americans held dear, and they won. Then, in 2000, Conservatives not only once more cast their votes to keep the Senate and House in GOP hands but also delivered the White House to George W. Bush! Once more, the message from the voters was clear, America is a Conservative nation.

That message was sent in dramatic and historic fashion in the 2002 mid-term elections. The GOP majority in both houses did not dwindle, or even go away, as some predicted, it grew! Of course, two years later Conservative voters who also gave President Bush another term in office once again ensured those majorities.

You might have thought, by then Republicans would have accepted the fact that when they run as Conservatives, they win elections. You might also think that after winning election after election and seeing America rejects the Liberal platform of Democrats in favor of common sense Conservatism, the GOP would be moving to the right. Yes, you would think so, but sadly, in too many cases Republicans are, for some unexplainable reason, intent of becoming “moderate”.

Frankly, Conservatives are well past fed up with this non-sense! The growing anger over issues like spending, a growing government, lack of real border security, and an apparent inability by the GOP majority to begin cutting dependence on foreign oil by drilling for our own oil, is seemingly lost on the GOP!

So, then what is a Conservative to do? Vote for a third party in 2006? That will give control to the Democrats, and, as disappointing as many Republicans have been, Democrats would be twenty times worse. Perhaps the GOP has simply has figured out that they can just take Conservative voters for granted? Maybe the party has gotten lost in its desire to broaden its base. Hey, I love the idea of the GOP appealing to more and more Americans. Sacrificing party Conservatism on the altar of base broadening though is not the correct manner by which to accomplish that goal.

The right way to broaden the base is to stick to Conservative values, and take that message to Americans on the Left. Show them why they should become Conservatives! Instead, the powers that be seem to think they can only reach out by conceding Conservative principles. They have forgotten what got them elected!

Enter the Conservative Convention idea put forth by Mr. Daley! Mr. Daley has opined that we, the people, must retake control of the HOP by holding a convention made up of Conservative activists, leaders, authors, and public figures for the purpose of changing the direction of the Republican Party. Mr. Daley has a very healthy fear that if we, the people, do not act very soon, America will see a Democrat in the White House in January of 2009. I must say, I share his apprehension, particularly when we weigh the distinct possibility that both Houses might be in Democrat hands as well.

Four years of Leftist rule would do great damage to this nation. Consider, more spending, more taxes, more government, more concessions to the UN, a weak strategy in fighting the war on terror, Leftist judges filling vacant seats on courts across America, and a person like Hillary Clinton in the White House. Not a pretty picture is it my friends? If you do not care for the current direction just wait for Democrat control.

We cannot, must not, allow this to happen. We must take a stand and take it right now. Mr. Daley has shown us a solution, I for one am giving my full support to this cause. I suggest all of my readers and visitors to my website to throw their support behind it as well. Now I realize many might be thinking that this sounds good, but will never work in reality. Imagine if our Founders had entertained or even worse accepted such thinking?

Those great men gave us this great nation, now we must take up the fight in our time.

Please visit Mr. Daley’s website here or visit the Conservative Convention site at and the Conservative Convention forum located at to share your ideas, thoughts and support for this very important cause! The direction this nation takes IS in our hands, we only need grab it!

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