Al-Zarqawi KILLED! MSM Unhappy!

By: Warner Todd Huston

This is a great moral victory for the USA. We have eliminated one of the most active and high profile Al Qaieda terrorists in operation today. Yet, some in the MSM are already downplaying this victory and attempting to make it seem as if this is no big deal.

Air America makes it a joke
On the Stephanie Miller show this very morning, Miller joked that pictures of a dead Zarqawi might show “smoke from dry ice” as if Zarqawi was killed in the past but his corpse only on display today perhaps to obfuscate from the Haditha investigation. (

Good Morning America -Zarqawi’s Death no big deal
In an interview on GMA this morning, Richard Clarke was asked if Iraq is any safer or if the war might end sooner. He told host Diane Sawyer:

“Well, unfortunately the answer is no. This man was a terrible man. He was a symbol of terrorism. He was the face of terrorism, the only real name we knew of an insurgent leader in Iraq. But he commanded only a few hundred people out of tens of thousands involved in the insurgency. And so, unfortunately for the loved ones of troops over in Iraq, this is not going to mean a big difference.”

Clarke knowingly lied here. He knows full well that Al Qaieda is NOT part of the Iraqi “insurgency” but an outside force. So, tying them to the insurgency as if this is a small dent is not a true reading of the situation.

Clarke knows full well that there are at least three aspects to the terror situation in Iraq. Internal Baathist members trying to regain power, Iranian and other foreign agitators trying to eliminate US influence, and Al Qaieda are those three basic aspects.

This is a sever blow to Al Qaieda in Iraq and Clarke knows it.

And these are just two examples all before 10AM on the morning the news was issued. It is sure we will see many dozens of such examples of the media downplaying this victory as the day goes on and on into the weekend.

But, missing from even much of the straight reporting of this story is any hint that this could possibly be a blow to the morale of terror cells the world over. We have killed one of the most high profile, anti-western Islamists in the world. Not a hint of any speculation that this is a blow to them can be seen in the MSM.

Now, imagine if a US general had been killed in Iraq, instead of this terrorist. How much rampant speculation on how this will affect US morale would be bandied about by our wonderful News Media?

I’d bet it would be one of their central themes.

But, one of the most important aspects of this situation is that Zarqawi was tracked and killed because of information from Iraqi informants.(SeeYahoonews)

“Tips from senior militants led U.S. forces to follow al-Zarqawi’s spiritual adviser to the safe house, 30 miles outside Baghdad, for a meeting with the terror leader.”

I wonder how many MSM sources will put this fact front and center in the place of importance it deserves to be placed. We ARE getting help from Iraqis, Iraqis ARE interested in destroying Al Qaieda inside Iraq, and we are NOT the enemy to them there!

Is Zarqawi’s death a “big deal”?

YES it IS!

We should also not forget that one of those who died with Zarqawi, advisor Sheik Abdul Rahman, was also a high profile figure in the world of Islamist terror. We took out two very important Al Qaieda terrorists this day.

Will the MSM celebrate? I wouldn’t expect it.

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