Two Weeks of Hell For Liberals

By: J.J. Jackson

With all the bad news for liberals as of late you would almost feel sorry for the left if they did not deserve it. In what has been a whirlwind of disappointment since the start of the month it is hard to believe that the emergency wards are not filled to the brim with liberals suffering from mental distress.

It started with Francine Busby. In the running for the open seat of corrupt and disgraced Republican “Duke” Cunningham she let the cat out of the bag and revealed the left’s election strategy of “Yeah, you don’t need papers for voting” which culminated in her defeat. Two more conservative politicians took 55% of the vote (Brian Bilbray took 50%) showing that the “culture of corruption” plank of the Democratic Party’s election strategy was not resonating.

So they are now scrambling to find a new strategy while trying desperately to sweep corrupt Liberals like William Jefferson (D-LA) and Alcee Hastings (D-FL) out of the spotlight.

Then came the news last week that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi received a pair of blow-me-up bouquets from the United States Military. Zarqawi quickly assumed room temperature, reports of his “torture” before his death never gained traction and the act caused a spike in opinion among Americans that don’t really know much about the War in Iraq anyway that the was now actually (gasp) winnable!

Then the same day Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced that he had filled the remaining few positions in his cabinet and thus Iraq’s new government was completely formed. This, in case you forgot, was something that the left said was not possible or at the very best had expressed doubts about being possible.

Then more news! Karl Rove, whom the left had already sworn was ready to be fitted for his orange jumpsuit, would not be indicted nor “frog marched” anywhere despite rumors by salivating left wing bloggers.

Then just as the left thought it couldn’t get any worse, President Bush kicked them right in the teeth by praising Iraq and showing support for the government in the wake of al-Zarqawi’s death. But not only did he do this, but also he did it FROM IRAQ! Once again showing that he is not above putting himself in harm’s way. And if any of you think that this trip wasn’t dangerous ask our soldiers getting shot at every day.

Then there was Hillary Clinton attending a convention of the left’s worst and dimmest where she said that she would not support a firm timetable for withdrawing for Iraq. This all but ended her Presidential aspirations leaving the liberals only a war criminal named John Kerry to cheer for who supported the war before he did not support the war.

Could things get any worse? Well, it did not seem possible but today there is even more devastating news that al-Zarqawi himself in a lengthy memo admitted that, yes, President Bush’s continued pressure is weakening the Iraqi terrorist insurgency. Zarqawi’s memo stated “time is now beginning to be of service to the American forces and harmful to the resistance”.

This despite claims by liberals that we are losing the war, cannot win militarily and repeated calls to hurry up and surrender already before we actually do win!

Wow. You know I take it back. I do feel sorry for liberals after all. But not that much.

About The Author J.J. Jackson:
J.J. Jackson is a libertarian conservative author from Pittsburgh, PA who has been writing and promoting individual liberty since 1993 and is President of Land of the Free Studios, Inc. He is the Pittsburgh Conservative Examiner for He is also the owner of The Right Things - Conservative T-shirts & Gifts The Right Things. His weekly commentary along with exclusives not available anywhere else can be found at Liberty Reborn.

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