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June 23, 2006

Putting Global Warming on Ice

The debate over global warming just got hotter, if you’ll pardon the pun. If you won’t pardon the pun, it’s too late for me to retract it. With the opening of “An Inconvenient Truth,” College Republicans swung into action and …

General Benedict Arnold Was Also a “War Hero”

It is long past time to speak the undiluted truth in response to Congressman John Murtha (D.-Pa.), Senator John Kerry (D.-Ma) and any of their cohorts on Capitol Hill who continually strive to demoralize Americans in the War on Terror …

What Sweeping Illegal Immigration Plan Has Worked?

Filed under: Featured Conservative,History,Immigration - 23 Jun 2006

I just read yet another article that stated the United States has to develop and enact a “sweeping immigration plan”. Well-the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986 (AKA Simpson-Mazzoli Act) was such a plan.

Illegal Aliens Linked to Rise in Crime Statistics

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The former Immigration and Naturalization Service estimated that as of January 2000 the total unauthorized immigrant population residing in the United States was 7 million. This total includes those who entered the United States illegally and those who entered legally …