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June 27, 2006

Liberals And Their Selective Outrage

Liberals often view conservatives as a bunch mindless robots taking orders from a few central charismatic figures who programmed them. The famous and familiar mantra that “progressives” regurgitate in regards to this belief is: “Think for yourself.” As if the …


Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Immigration - 27 Jun 2006

There is about to be some serious cases of discrimination that should be brought to the court as soon as possible if and when the bill S.2611 is passed.

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Admit They’ll Try to Con Americans

Filed under: The Democrats - 27 Jun 2006

Folks, I was shocked! SHOCKED when I read an Associated Press news story that, in essence, told readers that the Democrat Party is cautioning their left-wing actvists to “cool it,” and start sounding as if they are normal Americans instead …

Al Gore and the Da Vinci Code

Al Gore’s messianic certainty that our planet will perish without his guidance is a modern example of gnosticism. “The Da Vinci Code” movie is a purely fictional attack on Christianity employing, as part of the background material, one of …

Reading Between the Lines

Everyone has an agenda. To truly read between the lines, a person must be able to recognize flaws in an argument, misinformation, and ideological bias. More importantly, a person must be cognizant of why some stories are buried in the …