John Murtha, A Threat To World Peace

By: Doug Hagin

Leave it to Leftist Congressman John Murtha to take a cheap shot at our troops and at America, at every opportunity. Leave it to “war hero” Murtha, to lower himself to the lowest common denominator. Leave it to good old, Congressman Sheehan, oops I mean Congressman Murtha, to once again prove that whatever patriotism was in him is long gone.

What has Murtha said that so riles my sensibilities? What has he said that would serve to diminish him in the eyes of many Americans? Well, recently Congressman Murtha opined on the greatest threat to world peace. Any guesses as to what that greatest threat was according to the congressman?

North Korea with its nuclear ambitions? No!

Iran and its threats to erase Israel from the globe? Again no!

How about Al-Qaida and other terror groups that blow up innocent children and seek to force their evil fanaticism upon the entire world? Yet again no!

No, my friends, Congressman John Murtha thinks that the United States of America poses the gravest threat to world peace! Yes, of course, it is always our fault, our blame, our failure, our military that is the bad guy! Well, at least according to leftist pinheads like John Murtha and Cindy Sheehan and the rest of the anti-American leftist ideology!

Now the latest ramblings of this old fool should not surprise anyone. It is, after all, John Murtha who called our military “broken”. It is John Murtha who said he would never join the armed forces today. It is John Murtha who, without giving our troops any benefit of any doubt, announced that Marines had killed civilians in “cold blood” and that the military had covered it up! It is John Murtha who has said that America cannot win this war militarily, and political solutions.

So what would Congressman Murtha do about Iraq? Well, he has said that the US should pull out the troops and re-deploy them to neighboring nations like Kuwait. Hmmm, let us examine the brilliance of this plan. Murtha, along with his fellow intellectual wannabes like Kennedy and Sheehan tell us repeatedly that our troops are the targets in Iraq. They tell us that the only reason terrorists are in Iraq is that our military is there. So, using their illogic, if we put troops in Kuwait, then wouldn’t the terrorists then go there?

Further, if we re-deploy our troops in Kuwait, what then? Keep going back into Iraq every time our military is needed? Then, re-deploy our troops back to Kuwait? That plan would surely serve to demoralize our troops! What would we call this foolish strategy? The yo-yo offensive? How about the John Murtha Hokey Pokey strategy of warfare? You put your troops in, you pull your troops out, you re-deploy them all about…..

Now, before the leftist supporters of Murtha start screaming about what a decorated war hero he is, and how he served this country with honor let me say that I agree. He did, past tense, serve America very well as a Marine. I and every other critic of John Murtha respect and appreciate his service. However, no matter how gallant he was in Vietnam, that service does not pardon his recent conduct. No amount of heroism can absolve anyone of all past and future behaviors. Moreover, to put it mildly, Murtha has played the part of the perfect jackass, in regards to his characterizations of our armed forces.

Recall that Randy “Duke” Cunningham possesses one of this nation’s most revered records of military service and heroism. Yet that does not change the fact that he has been convicted of taking bribes and shamed forever. No, it does not, so sorry, but Murtha, like Cunningham, has become a national disgrace, his military service not withstanding.

To be sure, this campaign against our military is the deck of cards Murtha is playing to gain him more political influence isn’t it? He has expressed a desire to become the House majority leader, if his party re-takes control of the House of Representatives in November hasn’t he? Maybe he figures throwing our troops under the bus is OK if it gains him more power and prestige.
Whatever his reasons are, I really do not care. He has repeatedly stabbed the greatest military in the world and the greatest nation in the world in the back, and he ought to be thrown out of office! He is a disgrace, and if he still possessed an ounce of the honor he once did, he would apologize to our military, and then resign his seat in the House. Do not dream of that happening though.

Lest we forget the most recent despicable ranting of John Murtha, consider what he said once more. He called America, the most giving, compassionate, freest nation on earth, the biggest threat to peace. Let that sink in. In essence, Murtha said we are more of a threat than are the terrorists we fight. Is that not the lowest, most inane statement you could imagine?

Lastly let this be said of John Murtha, and please quote me here. John Murtha is as big a threat to our national welfare as Osama bin Laden is, and, by his openly criticizing of America’s armed forces in time of war, he has shown he is as grave a threat to world peace as Saddam Hussein ever was.

Correction by Doug Hagin:
It turns out the news story made a slight mistake. Murtha did not actually say that, he did, however, cite a recent poll, that said most Europeans saw the U.S. as the biggest threat to world peace.

I, therefore apologize for including in my column, something less than entirely accurate.

However, the spirit of my column I stand behind 100%! Murtha cited the poll, and instead of rejecting it as asinine, spoke as if it made a lot of sense. He had a perfect opportunity to defend the U.S. military and instead went the opposite direction. He used the opportunity to again cast a negative light upon the finest, most honorable fighting force on earth.

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