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June 17, 2006

Time To Send A Message

The American people are angry; they are ready to string up someone for that joke of an immigration bill that Senate passed. Although if you read the news it is supposedly only the republicans that are angry about it, which …

Labor Unions Admit They Are Killing American Jobs

The president of the United Auto Workers union has acknowledged the stark truth: industrial unions are killing American manufacturing jobs. Unions’ salvation, he says, must come from ukases promulgated by the commissars of a new socialistic, Democratic administration.

Al in Wonderland: Al Gore Is Reinventing Himself (Again)

Filed under: The Democrats - 17 Jun 2006

So, Al Gore has gone Hollywood. He certainly fits right in with the rest of those idiot savants who can make movies or act, but lack the common sense of a seven year old.

June 16, 2006

Americans Say Sen. Hillary Clinton Frightens Them

A recent poll reveals that out of the group of politicians who are regarded as contenders for nomination as presidential candidates, more Americans fear Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) than any other contender — Democrat or Republican.

Bolsheviks ‘Gay Pride’ Disaster and its Lesson for America

By its nature, Christianity is both a patriarchal and hierarchal religious and philosophical worldview. Since it teaches that mankind is ‘fallen’ (has a sinful nature which is the source of evil) it requires as a consequence, that moral constraints …

Franklin Roosevelt Lied to Us About WMD

If President Bush “lied” when he reported what all Western nations’ intelligence services had concluded about Saddam Hussein’s activities, then President Franklin Roosevelt perpetrated the biggest and most destructive lie in American history.

June 15, 2006

Playing Politics with the Federal Fatherhood Initiative

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 15 Jun 2006

Last week the Pope issued a wake-up call to persons of all religious persuasions. “Never before in history,” the pontiff warned, has the family “been so threatened as in today’s culture.” As the traditional defender and protector of the family, …

Two Weeks of Hell For Liberals

With all the bad news for liberals as of late you would almost feel sorry for the left if they did not deserve it. In what has been a whirlwind of disappointment since the start of the month it …

The Winter of GOP Discontent?

Today, many GOP supporters talk of the 1994 sweep by Republicans as a moment in time. The newly elected Republican majority has sealed its “Contract with America” by the very votes it received from the electorate.

The Ultimate Epithet In The Liberal Lexicon

Ann Coulter drives liberals nuts. The late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi didn’t qualify for rhetoric as harsh as that directed at the blond, but certainly never bland, pundit.

Guessing Games: The Fed and the Markets

Filed under: Economics,Featured Conservative - 15 Jun 2006

In recent weeks, since the accession of Ben Bernanke to the Federal Reserve chairmanship, the stock market has bobbed up and down like a yo-yo as the Fed attempts to guess whether we face inflation or an incipient recession, and …

June 14, 2006

Tree-Dumb Reigns: Eco-Arrogance On Exhibit

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 14 Jun 2006

To hear Reinhard Reitzenstein tell it, you’d think nobody had ever seen a dead tree in Pittsburgh before. Reitzenstein is a German-born Canadian artist, who has created two exhibits for this year’s Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Democrats New Mantra: Winning Means Retreat

Filed under: War On Terror - 14 Jun 2006

Just when we thought we knew all of the Democrat spin-positions, Rep. Jane Harmon (D-CA) gave us a new one! On Fox News Sunday, Ms. Harmon told Chris Wallace that the US’ killing of al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab …

Fighting Sioux Take a Stand to Fight PCism

The University of North Dakota basketball team is being told by the NCAA that they aren’t allowed to use their name, the Fighting Sioux, anymore. The University president is not taking this sitting down, much to his credit.

The Dixie Chicks: Counting Chickens Before They Are Hatched

Just a short while ago, USA Today did a feature article on the country band The Dixie Chicks. They became infamous in March of 2003, when their leader, Natalie Maines, stated that she was embarrassed to be a native of …

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