Tomorrow We Stand

By: Carolyn Hileman

Sometimes it would be nice if everyone agreed on what is best for our country, but alas that is not to be. So tomorrow we stand and we stand proud because we know that we speak for the majority of Americans. The Majority of Americans who built this country from dust to the shining symbol it has become. Yes we had immigrant help along the way; however that immigrant help was from people who wanted to be a part of America, who made it their business to become Americans. Today we have immigrants who come here illegally and have no intention of becoming Americans. They insist that their language be spoken in the American schools and written on every document. They march in our streets carrying a flag of a country that they felt was bad enough to leave.

The sad thing is that some Americans are buying into the we just want to work, we just want to be American’s motto. Might I ask if they wish to be American why they do not bother to do it the American way? Why is it that these people can be exempt from any of our laws, and our own people if we did any of these things they would be in jail? There is compassion and there is guilt. The people behind S.2611 are guilt ridden people who have gone way past compassion to ridiculous. They have gone from just giving them amnesty to giving them the keys to our country.

I received an email from what is supposed to be a republican leader in our community accusing me of bashing Bush, I suppose because I have been quoted saying that I was less than impressed with his immigration speech. I know some of you have been on the other end of my blazing keyboard when I have received one too many Bush bashing emails, so I know you would never believe them. I responded that while I have been trying to control the rally I am only one person and that since the law enforcement couldn’t handle all the immigrants that they really shouldn’t expect me one person to be able to control what everyone is saying to the media.

I also told them that if they were so worried about what was said that they needed to show up in numbers and talk to the press and maybe we could control it. They won’t be there I can assure you simply because it is not becoming of the elite to stand up and defend their country. They want everyone else to do something and then tell them how they think it could have been better, they want to direct from the sidelines, not stand in the trenches. Well you know I am getting sick and tired of those people who stand there and say someone should do something and do nothing themselves. So tomorrow we stand, tomorrow we hold the heart of the American people in our hands as we wave our signs.

If telling the truth is bashing the president, then I suppose we will be bashing the president because Americans are sick and damn tired of all of the lies. If our signs saying secure our borders are considered racist then they really don’t want to know what was not written. Those brave people, who choose to stand tomorrow, will be speaking for a country that has seen the greater part of her soul given away. We will be asking the people to help stop the leaders from giving away the rest, if that is considered radical then I suppose I will have to be a radical. The funny thing is if I were to go off saying bring home troops I could have a town full of people at the park. However, I have never stood for weakening America and to bring them home now would do just that.

From what I can tell from the last few rallies is that there are more people interested in destroying America than saving it. They will line the streets in mass numbers to bring home troops or open all the borders. But don’t expect an American to stand in the streets to defend America, that is not our job, our job is to partake in the fruits of our ancestors labor. God knows we are not fit for that we are way to weak, maybe we should hire some illegal immigrants to stand for us. Freedom doesn’t come with a bow tied around it and it was not a gift to you, it was handed down by great men and women who have fought to keep it the beautiful place we have grown accustom to. They handed down in the hopes that we would work to make it better, that we would give anything to protect it. However, we have our lawns to mow, games to go to, Malls to walk, anything else we can think of just so that we don’t have to make a stand. I have to wonder where we would be had our forefathers decided to stay and plow the fields, they didn’t and we will not so tomorrow we stand.

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