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July 2, 2006

Mafia Cops Murder Convictions Overturned by Judge

On Friday, a federal judge — who may be auditioning for a future slot on the US Supreme Court — overturned the convictions of two former New York City cops accused of working for the Luchese crime family as mob …

American Morality – A Study in the Lesser of Two Evils

Starting out in the twenty first century has to be harder for the young than in any previous time in history. Young people have far more choices to make but most of them are simply deciding between the lesser of …

Blog-Explosion Turns Leftist Activist?

Blog-Explosion is one of those web-sites that tries to help its members enlarge the traffic that patronizes their blog. Upon joining the service, they try to steer visitors to your site and they add your site to their directory of …

Illegal Alien Employers to Face Lawsuits for Unfair Business Practices

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With the federal government’s failure to curtail the onslaught of illegal aliens into the United States, coupled with the inaction of lawmakers in Washington, DC to pass real immigration reform, some Americans are looking at legal alternatives to thwart illegal …

Fourth of July: Celebrating Freedom’s Loss

Political correctness has gagged free speech; our economic system, capitalism, is being replaced with the Hitlarian system of public-private partnerships; morality’s tombstone is tolerance; and property rights are being lost to our increasingly tyrannical government.

Liberal Judges Fire another Bullet into US Anti-Terrorist Efforts

Apparently celebrating its first major victory over the US citizenry, on Thursday the US Supreme Court ruled that the President of the United States cannot order terrorist enemy combatants to be tried before a military tribunal. The court wrongly cited …

Sen. Hillary Clinton Moved to the Right Before She Moved to the Left

When Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton was booed by her party’s base at the “Take Back America” conference, it was the result of her saying the US must finish the job in Iraq and not announce a withdrawal date.