Fourth of July: Celebrating Freedom’s Loss

By: Laura Adelmann

While Americans picnic and party this Independence Day, the ideals and principles our Founding Fathers fought for lie in critical condition gasping for breath.

Political correctness has gagged free speech; our economic system, capitalism, is being replaced with the Hitlarian system of public-private partnerships; morality’s tombstone is tolerance; and property rights are being lost to our increasingly tyrannical government.

The right to bear arms is under attack; our children are taught more about sexual perversion in school than they are about George Washington and Patrick Henry.

Monuments bearing crosses are being removed, our strong Christian heritage replaced with secularism, and our own soldiers are put on trial for engaging the most wicked enemy our nation has ever faced.

Prayer in school is long vanished, and now our military chaplains are fighting for the freedom to pray in Jesus’ name.

In addition, America is suffering an alien invasion unprecedented anywhere in the world. They come to our hospitals, have anchor babies, draining hospital resources and taxpayer dollars.

Then, illegals demand more of our money, our rights, our economy, our language. They come spreading diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis, their violent gangs are taking over parts of our country.

All the while, President Bush has been planning his own coup. In March, 2005, he signed on to a covert plan that eliminates America as we know it. We would merge with Canada and Mexico to become the western equivalent of the European Union.

I point out these outrages, but look in the mirror to place blame.

As a people, we have all failed our country.

Our Founding Fathers warned us that freedom demands vigilance, but as our country burns, we are playing a fiddle.

Actually, according to two recent Oprah episodes, married couples are busy having orgies (“swinging”) and our children are putting on sex shows over the Internet for pedophiles

And, Americans have plenty of other mindless and/or destructive activities to keep them equally as distracted: Sports, movies, theaters, boating, television and shopping.

However, there is a remnant of citizens who are leading the charge to protect freedom on several fronts. Among the organizations are Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and EdWatch.

But for too long, most of these organizations and others like them been operating with too few volunteers and resources. If you care about your country, this land’s future, it’s time to take a stand. Support these organizations, get involved, learn about the issues and what is at stake.

And, if you’re not sure what to do, get the book Taking America Back by Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily. He has developed a thoughtful and possible plan to reclaim this land.

It is available for $12.95 at 1-800-496-3266 or at (I have absolutely no connection to this book, other than I think it is brilliant.)

Farah calls for a second American Revolution and he’s right. It’s time to put down the fork and the television remote, wake up out of the haze of distractions and comfort of complacency and can take a stand.

As citizens we have inherited a great and precious treasure, freedom, a rare, sweet word that encompasses principles that are only a distant but heart-pounding wish to most people.

Liberty is a hard-won legacy which must be preserved. We must fight back. We must stand for this nation or it will die.

Laura Adelmann is a Staff Writer for the New Media Alliance. She is an award-winning investigative reporter and researcher who stands for the conservative Christian values that founded America. She has a passion for truth, integrity and accuracy, as well as a love of research. Her work, which includes news articles, investigative stories and opinion pieces, has appeared in Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Pro-Family News and numerous local newspapers in Dakota County, Minnesota. Laura has also
written copy for conservative candidates running for state and national offices.

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