Democrats Propose Running from Victory

By: Kevin D. Korenthal

It’s an “open-ended occupation”, the Democrats say. Supporters of the war in Iraq have been called terrorists and baby-killers but liberals ruffle at the idea that they should be blasted for suggesting we withdraw from Iraq before the war is won. It’s a scenario we’ve heard before. It’s the one element about this war that ties it the Democrats favorite past war; Vietnam. Ah yes, the good old days.

It is now known to most Americans that at the time we withdrew forces from Vietnam, South Vietnamese forces were built up to a level and successes built upon to the point that total victory was certain. But the American people lost their will to continue the fight. The Communists won the Vietnam War with the help of the American media. It was the media that proposed we run from victory and it was the American people that accepted that proposal.

Fast forward to the Iraq War, arguably the biggest military challenge the U.S. has faced since Vietnam. The voices of cut and run have returned and this time we have not just the rogue U.S. media involved. This time one major political party has signed onto defeat. Day after day we hear Democrats crying that we can’t win militarily in Iraq and must withdraw. They say that the Iraq war exasperates the anger that Muslims have against America. They say we must leave Iraq to its own devices so that the Arab World will like us again, as if they ever did. They ignore the fact that success is just on the horizon. Or perhaps they wish us to leave Iraq on the eve of victory simply because we are so close to winning. No single event could be more disastrous for Democrats’ chances of retaking control of Congress than sure signs that Democracy and Freedom had won over tyranny and intimidation in Iraq.

I used to think that Democrats were just afraid of upsetting Muslims. Democrats are afraid of our enemies but they fear America as a Super Power even more. I used to think that Democrats that opposed the war did so because they truly saw America’s power as a threat to their utopian fantasy for world order. This may be the original motivation for opposing the war but it has expanded to include an anti-Democracy bias. Democrats no longer believe that freedom and Democracy is the answer to tyranny and oppression. They prove this when they call supporters of the Iraq war terrorists. Only free people have indicated support for the liberation of Iraq. Democrats are now under the misguided assumption that fascists and socialists, despite 200 years of evidence to the contrary, can play nice in a world that is dominated by Democratic nations. Democrats so fear the power of America that they would rather see dangerous tyrants mass-murder their own citizens and invade their neighbors than swing the mighty ax of the U.S. military to remove the despots.

So some Democrats stood by helplessly while others joined in support as war was waged against Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator. When it became evident that Hans Blix and the Democrat-controlled CIA were wrong about WMD in Iraq, all bets were off. A Republican had brought us to war and now the main rational for that war had been, according to the President’s opponents, disproven. It was about the time that Democrats began calling for the immediate withdrawal from Iraq that the foreign-ran insurgency there began to pick up steam. As the U.S. body count began to rise, so did the call for retreat. The U.S. media led the charge by pointing out only the bad in Iraq, so that instead of bearing witness to a national genesis, the American voter was fed a daily heaping of carnage the likes of which the most people had never experienced before.

But even as the terrorists were successful with their roadside bombs and running back in to the civilian population after each small arms and RPG attack, Iraq began the task of creating a Democracy for itself. Today nearly 75% of Iraq is peaceful and growing more prosperous by the day. Political wrangling that would have made our own founding fathers dizzy resulted in a fully implemented, democratically elected government that is now set to the task of uniting the country for the future. All signs point to success in Iraq. Even the media can’t hide the now evident discussions between sworn enemies on how to end the bloodshed in a way that will be acceptable to even the smallest minority group.

Democrats can see the writing on the wall. They know that success is eminent and they fear it just like Osama bin Laden fear success there. If the changes that are happening in Iraq today result in a historic agreement between warring groups in Iraq before the November U.S. elections, any hope that Democrats might have had to win back control of the Congress will have died right along with Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the terrorists’ now dead leader.

Kevin Korenthal is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. Columns by this author can be read regularly on

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