NY Times and Jimmy Carter: The Pro-Terrorist Roster Grows

By: Sher Zieve

The NY Times continues to publish classified top-secret programs designed to protect US citizens from terrorists. Then the Times, upset that VP Cheney said that its publishing of said secrets hurts our anti-terrorist measures, went on the attack. The paper’s editors, apparently furious that the vice-president had the ‘audacity’ to comment on what it does-at all, published directions to his and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s summer homes. It even published the locations of security cameras at each residence.

Question: Has the NY Times now decided to add “planting the seeds for assassination” of its enemies on its list of criminal deeds?

One thing is certain. The Times continues to throw the protection of the US and its people aside (in the garbage-as it were), in favor of continuing an obsessive assault on President Bush and his administration. In doing so, they aid and abet terrorists. This is not a mistake. The Times and its Executive Editor Bill Keller (a self-proclaimed Bush-hater) know full well what they are doing. They simply don’t care-about the country, the American people and apparently their own behinds. Keller’s mantra seems to be: “Better to die and take everyone else down with me than to allow Bush to win any war!” The fact is that Keller has thrown down his gauntlet in challenge to the USA. In doing so, he has also announced his support of and for terrorists. No matter how hard the left-wing tries, these scenarios can neither be spun nor nuanced.

Note: Leftist Keller’s position and those of his wannabee minions are insane. But, then I’ve never accused liberals or leftists of having any sort of firm grasp on reality.

Then we have the never-has-had-a-grasp-on-reality former Democrat President Jimmy “I love Iranian hostage situations” Carter. On Monday, Mr. Carter wrote an article for the Washington Post titled “We Need Fewer Secrets”. Huh? We are at war, Mr. Carter-a war that was brought to us-and on 9/11/2001 was firmly planted into our soil. In fact, we need more and better kept secrets. In his article, Carter writes: “Our government leaders have become increasingly obsessed with secrecy” and then cites the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Uh-Mr. Carter, although you’d like them to, the FOIA does not include top-secret classified documents; specifically those used to fight the enemies of our country. We need secrecy. Whew! It’s amazing (and frightening) that anyone actually voted for this lunatic. No wonder his presidency was relegated to one term of almost inestimable failure!

It’s hard enough to fight any war. But, it’s virtually impossible to fight for the continuation of any country when these homegrown seditious and treasonous factions continue their Machiavellian efforts to destroy it. Note: In other countries, these perpetrators would be shot-immediately. What is equally if not even more impossible, is the knowledge that the NY Times and other MSM outlets are allowed to continue their treason. Treasonous leakers may have spoon-fed classified information to the Times but, they gladly published it-even after repeated requests from the Administration (and even some Democrats) not to publish it. What the NY Times affected is known as complicity in and to the crime. The Times, however, continues to claim that it and the rest of the media are above the law. They’re not. However, nothing is done by anyone to stop their egregious behaviors-behaviors that put the entire country in an increasingly clear and present danger. Instead, Keller and his boss
have determined that they will make the determination as to what will remain “classified” and they will decide what to disseminate to the terrorists.

Is our government going to do anything about this criminal act or-as has become all too customary-allow it to continue unchecked? One thing is known by all parents out there. The longer an angry and bad-tempered child is allowed to get away with totally unacceptable behaviors, the worse those behaviors become. If they are not stopped-and appropriate punishment is not rendered-the next step may be the NY Times having face to face meetings with al-Qaeda. That is, if it isn’t already


Sher Zieve is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets. Columns by this author can be read regularly on TheRealityCheck.org.

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