NAFTA Super Highway

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know sometimes it worries me about this not the fact that it will someday be built, but the fact that so many seemingly intelligent people would buy into the conspiracy theory. The supposed super highway is nothing more than the I 69 corridor, that has been being discussed for years. I have a personal interest in this simply because if it ever comes through it will take a very large portion of our property. Let’s just say it is my business to keep up with the progress of this plan.

For those of us who travel out of state it would be nice to have an interstate to jump on and start moving since we now have to get to Shreveport before we get to an interstate. This plan has been in the works since long before we moved here about four years ago. According to the last update on the I 69 corridor they plan to start work on it in 2010. This is what is called an urban myth fueled by peoples need for proof that Bush has sold us out. A non-profit organization called North America SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. or NASCO is mentioned in the article. The group is supposedly working with the Administration on plans for the Super Highway. But NASCO Director Tiffany Melvin says there must be some sort of misunderstanding. “We’re not working with the administration to create a new highway or anything like that. We’re an advocacy group tries to bring attention to the need for improvements and maintenance to the existing infrastructure and to increase security at our nation’s borders and improve safety measures along the corridor.” Bray says there’s no money to go toward a construction project of this magnitude. “The agency right now is in a funding crisis for gosh sake. I mean, we’re doing the best we can just to hold the highways together in Minnesota. Wisconsin’s in the same boat.”

Now we are going to have a little education here, first of all the president I don’t care who he is cannot federally mandate a project of this magnitude without going to congress to get the money. For example the Iraq war how many times did the president have to go to congress to have them appropriate the money, how many times did you see on the news that congress had to debate that issue? So that should tell you that unless congress says OK it is not going to happen, especially if it involves money. Now many of you are still thinking well he still sold us out, and if telling you the truth from day one that he wanted some type of temporary worker plan was selling us out then we should not have voted him in.

Now it would be nice if for a change we could put the blame where it belongs. Take for instance Mr. John McCain, this is a man who since Bush walked into office has screamed the budget, the budget, every single time Bush has tried to do anything. When Bush wanted a prescription drug plan Senator McCain wanted to know what that would do to our deficit. He however has no problem what so ever saddling us with a bill for the illegal immigrants that will cost us at least thirty trillion dollars over the next twenty years and that my friend is a conservative estimate. Then there is Senator Ted Kennedy who all during the debates about the Iraq war kept asking over and over again what will this cost the American people? He has a real problem spending money to protect America but he has no problem with handing it over and making us pay for it.

Then there is Senator Frist who is scared to death of the word filibuster, say it and he will give you anything you want just ask Harry Reed who said it and suddenly we had a bill that was the illegal immigrant dream act. Let’s tell the world who is really behind this effort to take over America shall we, although they call it the take back America plan we all know that it simply means Take over America, take for instance who they had as their guest speaker and what he had to say. Roberto Lovato, who was upset that they were calling it a civil rights movement since it was really a national rights movement. You do know that Azlan has a Take back America movement of their own, don’t you; one has to wonder who had that mantra first?

This is serious business folks and we do not need to keep loosing focus like this, a friend of mine mentioned to me at the last rally about the Rodney King riots, how they managed to burn everything and kill people only in a matter of hours. I had forgotten all about it till he mentioned it but thinking about it now it is a very scary thought. The people in the streets that day didn’t know each other, they were not networked and would not have been able to bring that sort of a crowd together to protest the way the illegal immigrants did, yet they managed to destroy everything around them in just a matter of hours, requiring the deployment of the national guard and requiring a curfew to be put in place.
We have seen with our very own eyes how many people these people can get in the streets, we know in the back of our minds that we are in serious trouble here and we know who is courting them. The republicans are signing on so they can say see we are immigrant friendly but it is the democrats who are pushing this, they are the ones hell bent on taking America back. They are the ones who stood out there speaking to them in Spanish and calling what they were doing a civil right movement. They are also very connected to the ANSWER group who is an open borders group, these people advocate an open borders policy that would allow anyone from any country to come here and yes that includes the terrorist countries as well. Former president Clinton recently thanked Bush for his work on the immigration movement, which I firmly believe that it should prove to Bush just how wrong he is on this.

The fact remains though that George W Bush is one man, a man who is trying his best to keep his word from his campaigns. He is not some evil monster out to control the world, I suspect his biggest goal is just to come home to Crawford and put all of this behind him. Senator Sessions said himself that when he talked to the president the president himself told him he did not want this bill… However it is much easier to go after the president, why not everyone else is? But while we are busy browsing the internet, looking for something to prove to yourself just how evil Bush is we are allowing those who are really trying to take over our country to have free reign to make their plans and to implement them. So let’s try to keep focus here shall we?

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