Maybe they are right

By: Carolyn Hileman

Have you ever felt like you are fighting a loosing battle? Well that my friends is where I am at today. We have fought the good fight and it has gotten us nowhere, 10,000 strong they marched yesterday in Chicago. We are lucky if we can get fifty to show up to protest against them, and we have to work our butts off to get them. After a while you are left to wonder if any one really cares anymore. All the while we are fighting this we are forced to fight the media and those who would call us racists.

All of this for what, For a people who obviously could care less what happens as long as it does not disturb their routine. As long as the baseball games and the movies are still showing everything is OK. As long as we can walk the mall, get to work then life is fine what is all the commotion about? Why worry when there really is nothing to worry about? America is big and strong and no one in their right mind is going to mess with her, I suppose that is what we were all thinking on September the 10, 2001.

However, on September 11, 20001, 19 illegal immigrants who were here on expired visa’s boarded planes and proved us all wrong, they were granted amnesty in 1986. They lived among us, even worked and played among us, took their neighbors kids to ball games and upon first glance they looked like every other American. They were not like every other American though; they had a deep dark secret they and only they knew. A secret we would only learn about when the second plane entered the Trade centers. Up until that second plane hit we were still safe in the knowledge that America was too great to be attacked.

We are fighting that same battle today, we are fighting the fact that our leaders who still believe we are to great to be attacked or are afraid if we don’t let them in we will be attacked are allowing millions of people in this country with no idea what their motives may be. We are fighting the illegal immigrants who are standing in our streets telling us that we can not deport them. Yes, I know this is redundant, I know that you are tired of hearing it and I am past tired of having to say it. But this is not going away, one rally is simply not going to fix it, one phone call is not going to change a damn thing, we are at war and if you have not figured it out yet, you simply have not been paying attention.

You would think that after September 11, 2001 people would be more vigilant, but they simply are not they think our leaders will fix this for us. I am sorry but they are not fixing this they are trying to make it even worse. It is an impossible situation none of us could have ever dreamed would happen, none of us who are in this fight would have ever dreamed that we would be called racists and nativist by own leaders but it has happened. They seem to forget in the media and in Washington that we are fighting against illegal immigrants not immigrants.

We are not big organizations that can afford someone who can go out there and spin what we are doing like it is a wonderful plan for America. We are just everyday Americans, your neighbor, many of us have jobs and a lot of us have children. We are the people who are Americans and we are the ones they are treating like we are the ones here illegally. We are the ones the media ignores or tries to paint as redneck vigilantes; we are the ones that are losing jobs to illegal immigrants. We are the ones paying so that those who come here illegally can have health care and schooling and yet we effectively have no say.

I don’t know about the rest of those who are fighting this but I am getting tired and very frustrated. It seems no one cares and if they do it is not enough to do anything about it. I am beginning to honestly believe that the only Americans who have the stomach to fight for America are in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know there a re a lot of people who are fighting this in their own way, but I also know there are a lot who are not. When you look at the numbers that should tell you something fifty verses ten thousand, seems a little one sided doesn’t it? Seems that we can never win, seems that all our work has been for absolutely nothing.

The American people simply are not up to the task, they simply want someone else to do it. They know that there are those of us who will go down fighting for them so why on earth should they bother? They certainly would not want to be called a racist; they would not want their picture in a newspaper with the words pro American or racist rally plastered across it. What will they say at work, what will they say at church, at the games? They can’t stand for anything because it would involve risk, it would be to much trouble and a lot of work, maybe they are right that Americans are lazy and there are jobs we simply won’t do like stand up for our country…

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