Loyalty, what ever happened to it?

By: Carolyn Hileman

For some time now I have driven clear across town to do my shopping at Wal-Mart, not really because I save so much because the price of gas pretty much offsets any savings right now but because Wal-Mart is an American icon and because they were under attack by the liberals and the unions and I wanted to show my loyalty to what I felt was an intricate part of America.

But not today, today I walked into my local Wal-Mart store and came face to face with a line of piñata’s, I tolerated walking past the advertisements for broke back mountain in what is being billed as a family store, I have tolerated the fact that some of the people who are supposed to help you can’t speak proper English, I have tolerated the fact that now when I write a check it is almost like using my check card and they debit my account right there. But I am sorry this is one of those things I simply cannot tolerate…

When the big question on everyone’s mind is where do you stand on illegal immigration, that my friends to me was a loud and clear answer and it was not one I expected. I am fully aware of their need to make money but I would think they would want to do it without alienating the people who made them what they are today. We Americans were here and shopping at Wal-Mart since the day they opened the first store, it was the Americans who walked to buy two things and walked out buying half of the store. We are the people who have supported them so well that you are hard pressed to find a town without one.

I don’t want much just a little of that loyalty returned, I want to be able to know without a shadow of a doubt that the store I am spending my hard earned money in supports the AMERICAN people not just who ever happens to decide they want to walk in and take over. I want to know that the place that is going to get the bulk of my money each weak is supporting America and Americans because if they are not they don’t want my money. Our leaders have already turned their backs on us I suppose it was only a matter of time before the big companies did that as well. Well Wal-Mart people take heed if I wanted to shop in Mexico I would go there. I don’t mind seeing it when it is their holiday and I don’t mind seeing it if I am going into a Mexican restaurant or store But I do not wish to have it slap me in the face when I walk into a place that is supposed to represent America.

So it is decision making time folks, do you plan to support the people who have supported you all these years or are you banking on the illegal immigrants getting amnesty and somehow making up for the loss of sales you are about to see? Wal-Mart is not the only place that needs to remember who brought them to the dance and have kept them going there are a lot more of them and we all know who they are. I think they need to make up their minds and I think they need to make up their minds right now and they need to make it public, because we the people of America want to know.

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