Could We Have A Little Focus Here???

By: Carolyn Hileman

We are not doing ourselves any favors by latching on to everything that might suggest a conspiracy; as a matter of fact we are doing our cause more harm than good. Let’s get something straight, we are not just dealing with your every day Mexicans who one day decided hey let’s go out into the streets and demand amnesty. No we are dealing with very big, very well known groups here such as ANSWER, and La Macha, the ACLU, and the Communist party These are not America friendly people, they are the people who sponsored the anti War protests among others and they would like nothing more than for us to be identified as a bunch of racists kooks.

These people have the capability to call out into the streets thousands of people at a moments notice, they have the ability to threaten the average citizen and have no consequences. We are talking about something we chose for years to ignore, that we think we can solve over night, guess again. We have to be smarter than them and we have to get networked and we have to stop caring what Joe down the street thinks. If Joe wants to sit in front of his TV and pretend nothing is going on then he will be in for a very big ugly surprise before this is over. If you think this does not affect you think again my friend, look around you how many vacant lots are there, vacant houses, signs with land for sale? Guess who is moving to your neighborhood?

We know where our leaders stand on this and we know where we want them to stand, we must get them to understand what they are doing is wrong and we must make them understand this right now. If you look at your constitution it will tell you that what ever right does not go to the Federal government goes to the states. There in lies our solution, we must use this right and we must use it while we can. Our governor is running for election I do not know about the rest of the states but Texas you need to start applying pressure big time. Call them; write them if you live close enough go pay them a visit and tell them what they are going to do for their state if they would like to keep their job.

If we do not do anything about them taking our streets, what are we going to do when they take our homes and do not kid yourself they will try if we don’t defeat them now? I know you think I will just kill them, nice idea I suppose but they are letting illegal immigrants off for everything but you try burning a Mexican flag and see how far you get. What are you going to do when twenty or thirty move in next door? What are you going to do when they decide you need to go? Think about it people we simply can not waste our precious time chasing every single story on the internet we must stay focused. We must not allow those groups or any one else take our focus off of what our fight is about and who the real enemy is. Could we have a little focus here???

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