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July 30, 2006

Billionaire and Democrat Supporter Arrested for Solicitation of Underaged Girls

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by police on charges of solicitation after detectives from the Palm Beach, Florida Police Department conducted what they termed “an in-depth investigation.” The police report alleges that Epstein was paying underaged girls and young …

NYTimes Gives ‘World Powers’ Duty to End Israel’s Actions – Failure USA’s Fault

Isn’t it generally assumed that when two countries are at war, that it is the right and duty of those countries actually in the conflict to decide when that war might be over and how it is prosecuted? Certainly other …

The Liberal Strategy for Israel: Hunker Down and Die

Ahh, the self-importance and smugness of the chattering class! Cohen, whose column is showcased by the Washington Post and syndicated nationwide, continues by stating with mind-numbing clarity that Israel would do best by letting her enemies pummel her.

Putting the “Star” in “Starvation”

There are some things that positively boggle my mind. The hypocrisy of the modern left on so many issues. The media’s near-constant attempts to propagandize the current Iraq war. How Michael Moore fits through normal-sized doorways without using either butter …

Kofi? No, Thanks. I’m Trying to Cut Down

Filed under: The United Nations - 30 Jul 2006

I’ll be blunt: I believe Kofi Annan is the worst the United Nations Secretary General in my lifetime, and that’s no small achievement considering past secretaries general. All the while Annan suffers minimal criticism from the United States and the …

Theocracy: the Origin of American Democracy

The nature of theocracy in the New England colonies is widely misunderstood. Few recognize that the New England town meeting, the prototype of American institutions of democratic self-government, was nothing more than the governing process of each Congregational (Puritan) church …

Based on a Big Lie, the UN Condemns the US for Executing Murderers

With terrorists indiscriminately killing civilians throughout the world, Muslims committing genocide in Africa, and a legitimate government being overthrown in Somalia, the United Nations has truly stepped up to the plate and condemned … the United States.