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July 31, 2006

Behind the Curtain: Revisiting Global Warming and the War on Terror

Filed under: Science & Technology - 31 Jul 2006

First, let me say that I am no more a scientist than Al Gore. I am a conservative thinker, and being so I am able to separate theory from reality and emotion from fact. This is a very important point …

The Politics of Hate

Recently, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) pulled an internet video ad from its web site after receiving bipartisan criticism over images of flag-draped coffins returning to the United States from overseas.

GOP Slams Howard Dean for Calling Iraqi PM an Anti-Semite

Democrat Party chairman Howard Dean called the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki an “anti-Semite” during an impassioned speech on Wednesday. Dean’s remark stemmed from Al-Maliki’s refusal to condemn Hezbollah for their attacks on Israel. His address to Congress was boycotted …

Texas Election Judge Speaks Out

Many of my readers know that I am an election judge in the state of Texas, a position I had taken pride in since 2000. However, as of now I will refuse that position for the following reasons. The election …

UN Seeks End of Nation-States; International Tax on Americans

While the American press concentrated on Democrat Senator John Kerry’s call for a filibuster of Judge Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court last January, the story of why Kerry was in Davos, Switzerland was widely overlooked or ignored …

Howard Dean – Name Calling to Harmony

The Democratic National Committee Chairman thinks that politics is too mean-spirited today. No, let me clarify, he thinks Republican politics is too mean-spirited today. And he’ll call you any manner of nasty names if you don’t agree.

Why the Left Blames Israel more than Hezbollah

When I was in school, I like most students, hated tests. Although I did not enjoy tests, I did prefer multiple-choice questions. They made me think before answering. Often times two or more answers seemed to be correct until they …