Your memories may be all you have left

By: Carolyn Hileman

She spends all her time taking care of her family, clothes are freshly washed, and the house is immaculate. Her greatest worry has always been what to cook for supper and that is how she likes it. She watches the news but that is only because her husband turns it on, it really isn’t like it has anything to do with her. She honestly believes that they should just mind their own business, besides who has time to try and cure all the worlds’ ills.

He works for a major contractor in the city has been there for years and just about everyone knows him. He finally was able to buy apiece of land in the country and spends all of his free time working on it. Yeah, he watches the news, but hey he votes why on earth should he really have to worry about anything, I mean really isn’t that why you elect them so that you don’t have to think about this stuff.

She is a teacher and yes she has noticed that funds are getting low, she has also noticed that there are a lot kids enrolled who don’t speak her language but at least she doesn’t have to try and teach them, leave that to the ESL teachers and try and teach the ones she has with what she can afford to teach with.

On the border there is more and more illegal immigrants coming in daily, the border control tries to stop them but they are not allowed to give chase or pull their guns so there is very little they can really do but watch them move in and pick up the trash when they leave.

She has some new neighbors, they aren’t anything like the others, they don’t keep up their homes like she and her neighbors do, the kids always look hungry, and there is more than one family moving in there, she is left to wonder how this happened?

He just lost a big contract because the owners decided to go with another contractor who has cheaper labor; he has been told that some of the others in town have lost jobs to them as well. He sits in his office and wonders what is going on and who they could have gotten to do the job for that much less?

There has been a lot of gang fights in the school this year, kids trying to kill other kids, the funds have been cut again even though they promised new computers the school now says they can’t afford them. The only problem is she was just walking by the ESL class and they have brand new computers?

Friends of the new neighbors just bought the house next door and now there is two families living in the house right next door. She is starting to get worried because they shoot their guns in the air at all hours of the night and play their music till dawn and they seem not to even care that it is zoned neighborhood. She has called the cops and they come out and silence them, but as soon as the cops are gone, it starts all over again only louder.

The contractor has filed for bankruptcy, there just were not enough jobs to go around and they could not compete with the cut rate prices the other guys were offering. They had to lay off all but a few special people to run the office, but word has it they will shut the whole thing down and the people left have no where to go.

You may think that this is just a story that it cannot ever happen, not in your neighborhood, not in your school. But the truth is this is happening every single day, it won’t dawn on you until you look up and see it in your neighborhood, by then it will be to late. I know it is American to just mind your own business, but if we don’t start paying attention and doing something to stop this silent invasion it will no longer be America. This affects every aspect of our lives, from health care costs to the kind of health care we receive. From education and our ability to compete, if we are competing with Mexico then we will be fine but we are not and they are taking away valuable resources form our children to use to educate those of whom we have no idea whether they are here legally or not.

It is customary in most businesses to use the people, who can get the job done for less, so even big business is at risk, look around you, are there houses for sale? How long have they been for sale and just how long do you think it will be before they really don’t care who they sell to? How many jobs can your company afford to loose to companies who can do the job for less? Take a long look around you, remember what you see, because if we do not stop the invasion, your memories may be all you have left.

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