One Man

By: Carolyn Hileman

I watched during May when our senators stood in front of the cameras and argued very admirably for the illegal immigrants and how to make immigration reform fair for them. I must admit I was on the phone during most of this travesty calling those senators offices and telling them what I thought, and let’s just say I don’t much think they appreciated my comments. I called the senators office that is from Louisiana, simply because he seemed to at least be on the side of the American’s and I told them we need to hear someone out there talking about how this bill will affect Americans, we need some one anyone to stand up for the American people…

This how can we make life easier for the illegal immigrants debate was starting to really get to me, I can’t stand to listen to either Kennedy or McCain on a good day and listening to them stand there and sound like selling out our country was some higher noble calling was starting to make me sick. I was just about ready to turn the crap off and decide we had lost… Then one man stood up and said, we have heard how this bill will affect the illegal immigrants, I think it is time we discussed how this bill will affect the American people. Friends my heart stopped, I was mesmerized, out of the darkness, out of the insanity rose one man, one man who had the guts to stand up in front of all of those people who just wanted to pass something to get it off their plate and said wait just a minute here, that one man my friends is senator Jeff Sessions.

As I stood staring at my TV and this man who was speaking tears filled my eyes because I had begun to believe that not one of those people cared about the country or its people, I was wrong. He went on to explain how this bill was flawed and gave detailed explanations as to why this bill should never be passed. This was no spur of the moment offering this was a well thought out well planned execution of this bill and he was standing there without a gun shooting holes all through it. From that moment on Jeff Sessions has been my hero, it was like when you are being beaten unmercifully and someone shows up and runs the people beating you away at that moment you have a hero, my hero is Jeff Sessions. I don’t know if he will run for president but I hope and pray that he will, because right now we need someone who will stand up against everyone in the senate and speak for America.

In this day in age where it is customary for politicians to stand and put down our country, for the sake of a vote, to appease their base, or try and gain a new one, this man has not. You can tell just in the way that he talks that he loves our country and you can tell by his actions that he would die for her. I cannot say that about any of the others and that even includes the president. I can’t even imagine the courage it took to stand up in a room full of sharks who would just assume eat you and to stand up against them all, to ask the question what will this do to the Americans? Some of these people he went against should have been standing shoulder to shoulder with him but instead they bowed to the pressure, but one man did not, that one man is senator Jeff Sessions, God bless him and God bless America.

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