Oh Say Does That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave

By: Carolyn Hileman

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, ore the land of the free and the home of the brave? I am asking myself that question more and more here of late, I am want to know if men such as our forefathers still exist in this society where it is easier just to follow the crowd than stand up for what you believe? Where it is easier to change the name of something than do anything about it, where everyone says something needs to be done and nobody does it.

Only one time before has the sight of our flag brought tears to my eyes and that was September 11th, mainly because I had ignored it for so long and had to shake the dust off of it in order to hang it outside. I suppose it was that day that I became a true American, not just one who was an American through birth right, but one who was branded by fire and who swore that from that day forward I would do everything in my power to protect that flag and the country she represented, my country, America.

We miss a lot I fear by being born to greatness and kid yourself not, if you are born in this country it does not matter if you are the poorest person on earth, you have been blessed and you were born to greatness. You were granted by God almighty the wonderful chance to grow up free, without being afraid of bombs going off in the market and busses exploding in the street. You have been given a great privilege an opportunity to become anything you want to be, no matter whom you are. Your success or failure is dependant on you not the government and it does not dictate who may be great, because in America we all are by birthright great.

We have grown so accustomed to taking the easy way out that we as a nation have become weak, unlike those before us that broke the ground and plowed the fields we have not had such hardships. Unlike those who fought and died for our independence, we have never been forced to face an enemy in our streets and fight for our very lives. As such we have become a weak people, we have not the heart to stand and fight for what we believe in. We now expect that someone else will do it and nobody does.

Those who went before us, plowed the earth, fought the battles, and taught their offspring to do the same. Each generation trying all their live to make the next generations life easier, they succeeded, and we are failing. We are now so spoiled that we do not believe we should have to pick up the plow, we don’t believe we should have to pick up the gun why should we it has all been given to us? This is a free country because someone died to make it free, therefore the debt was paid, and this is a great country because our ancestors made it great for us, that debt was paid. However, we still owe a tremendous debt, not in monetary terms but in humility and honor, we owe those who brought us to this point a debt of gratitude and we owe them good stewardship of the bounty they left us.

We owe respect to that old flag that hung outside your parent’s house for it has seen them through times we cannot even begin to imagine. And it has seen our country through wars, depression, booms and busts, generations growing and generations dying in foreign lands. We owe a great debt of honor to the wonderful country that our ancestors made for us, honor and sacrifice that is what this country was built on. Two jobs, small house, five kids, one car, victory gardens, hard work and play, a strong love for God and a real appreciation that he who gave could also take it all away, that is what our country was made of. Now we are hard pressed to find one person who will stand, one person who would put aside their stature, their good name, their fortune and stand up for what is right.

It would appear we are of want of everyday heroes, not the ones who obtained that name by bouncing or catching or hitting a ball. Not the ones on TV who wear tights and fly around saving the day, but the real unsung heroes. The ones who without thought of personal safety would stand up against any enemy that came against this great land of ours. Those who would sacrifice the wants and needs of themselves and their family in order to have enough to pay their bills and get by, the ones who kneel by the bed every single night despite bad knees and a back that is failing them and ask the good Lord to bless our country.

So the question remains today do we have any men and women left who would take on that type of strain for their country? Is there left in this country one person who truly believes that our country is still worth preserving for our children and grand children? Is there anyone left who will stand to defeat the enemies of our country, not just over seas but right here at home? Has our ancestors working to make life easier for us, made us to weak or to unwilling to face the battles ahead? Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, ore the land of the free and the home of the brave?

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