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August 14, 2006

NYPD Beats ACLU in Court Battle Over Anti-Terrorism Program

A US appeals court ruled in favor of New York City Police Department conducting random bag searches at subway station entrances throughout the city. The court said that it viewed the random searches “as an adequate method to curb terrorism.” …

Who Will Benefit From The Lieberman Debacle?

So the dearest dreams of the extreme-left have come true. Joe Lieberman (D.-CT), historically a very liberal Senator from a very liberal state, was nonetheless defeated by primary challenger Ned Lamont, who can now boast a greater acceptance among the …

Searching For Heroes At The Movies

Rarely these days do you see a movie that would make John Wayne proud. In an age of moral equivalence, heroes at the movies have become hard to find. “World Trade Center” is a good film because it …

Democrats Must Stop Waffling

We hear endless criticism of the administration’s foreign policy. It is long past time for Democrats to tell us exactly what they plan to do after they order troop pull-outs in Iraq.