The Folly of Cease-Fires with Terrorists

By: Doug Hagin

Now that the United Nations, and other assorted Leftists and dreamers have seen, their hopes for a cease-fire in Lebanon come true, it is time to examine what, exactly, this most inane idea will bring us.

For Israel, it has brought a brief and temporary end to hostilities. There is absolutely no doubt that Hezbollah, and other terror groups, emboldened by their “victory”, will be certain to attack Israel again. They are, after all, Islamic fascist, fanatics, intent on nothing short of the utter and total destruction of Israel. The United Nations, apparently, is unable to accept this reality. Either that or, perhaps the United Nations does not think Israel’s destruction is all that bad an idea.

The reality is, though terrorists will not only use this cease-fire to re-arm, and plan future assaults on Israel, but that they are more likely to attack Israel now, than before. They see, very clearly, that the “international community” will always place undo pressure on Israel to fight a “proportionate” war, which, is, of course, a recipe for military failure.

The terrorists also know they can rely upon the media to aid them in the quest for good PR during any future conflicts with Israel. Certainly, most of the media fell all over themselves to publish every fake or staged photo Hezbollah fed them during this recently ended battle. So armed with this knowledge, the terrorists, who are not as stupid as the Kofi Annans and Jimmy Carters of the world, will use this knowledge to plan future Israeli “atrocities” to show the world when the fighting starts again.
Yes, this cease-fire has made the next battle much tougher on Israel, and they must surely realize this. They know full well they not only must fight and defeat terrorists, aided by Iran and Syria, but must also fight the media fools who are so interested in showing horrific photos, that they do not even bother checking their authenticity. Of course, they must also fight the United Nations, which, will immediately condemn any Israeli retaliation, no matter how justified it is. If the UN, and its inane talk of “proportioned responses” had been around in the 1940’s we would likely still be fighting Nazi Germany.

Israel also will almost certainly see a change in leadership because of this recent battle. Many Israelis, including the military, are not pleased in the least with the leadership of Ehud Olmert during the recent battles with Hezbollah. According to Israeli military officials, Olmert delayed approving a massive ground assault the military had petitioned for until a cease-fire agreement was reached. Even then, the force was far smaller than the military desired. The assault lasted only 48 hours and accomplished far less than it could have if ordered earlier.

Perhaps this change in leadership will be good, though, a more assertive Israeli Prime Minister would likely have ordered a larger ground assault earlier and Hezbollah would have been hurt far more seriously. That, after all, is what Israel desperately needed to accomplish in this war, and, sadly, they did not. Now Israel knows what awaits their nation, more bloodshed, more death, more attacks on Israel, and more useless cease-fires, exactly what Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Asqa, and Fatah, the sworn enemies of Israel want.

Hezbollah, defeated militarily, is still a big winner because of this cease-fire. They are busy handing out loads of money to help rebuild Lebanon right now. They, of course, are not sincere in their charitable ventures; it is Hezbollah who brought destruction to much of Lebanon by using civilians as shields. Yet, Hezbollah knows they can likely buy lots of political support with their money. Then, come the next elections in Lebanon, Hezbollah can cash in on their giveaways. Lebanon may go from fledgling democracy to terrorist state in short order. That will ensure more death and destruction for Lebanon and Israel.

The biggest coup for Hezbollah, and other terror groups, though, is their claims of victory over Israel. This cease-fire, aids greatly in their ability to make such an assertion. The sight of Israel leaving Lebanon with Hezbollah still largely intact is a propaganda goldmine for the terrorists.

Fox News reports that Iran has been busy trying to rearm Hezbollah since the cease-fire began, why would Hezbollah rearm, except to attack Israel? Of course the UN should understand by now, after failed cease-fire on top of failed cease-fire, that terrorists do not follow cease-fires or play by the rules, but the UN is one of the most inept bodies on earth so, their failure, once again, to recognize evil is not surprising in the least.

Perhaps nothing sums up the utter disaster of this cease-fire, than the words of the terrorists themselves. Consider the words of Abu Nasser, leader of Al Asqa Martyrs Brigade in Nablus. “Our brothers demonstrated what we have felt in recent years: Israel is falling apart. Next time Iran will be in picture with missiles on Tel Aviv and it will be easier. We learned from Hizbullah that the tools that make a difference are missiles. If we achieve expertise in this field, we won’t make do with the simple rockets we have. There is no doubt that we can subdue Israel. Since the Gulf War, missiles were what brought Israel to the negotiation table. The withdrawal from Gaza was also a result of missiles. If we use them correctly in the West Bank, we will get rid of the IDF here too.”

Can you see now what cease-fire with evil brings?

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