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August 21, 2006

Is Lieberman Loss Just a Republican Dirty Trick?

If the loony MSM were viewing Joe Lieberman’s primary loss to leftist, Ned Lamont, in any more a convoluted manner, they would be crosseyed, tonguetied, and hogtied. I mean, the backflips they are making to explain this story are so …

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

Filed under: Education & Schools,Featured Conservative - 21 Aug 2006

How many times in life have I been reminded of the principle “Keep it simple stupid,” or “Know your audience.” Apparently, I have failed this standard miserably. Many times I have said that it doesn’t matter if the proverbial chicken …

CAIR Continues to Undermine US-Israeli War on Islamic Fascists

Filed under: War On Terror - 21 Aug 2006

In an effort to drive a wedge between two allies in the Middle East who actually fight Islamic Fascists, on Monday, August 28, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will host a panel discussion on “The Israel Lobby and the …