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August 23, 2006

ABC News – Fetishizing ‘Minority’ History

American history has been under attack since the 1920′s when Communist and American historian, Charles Beard, made himself famous by pushing the claim that the Constitution was merely a document of hate and greed as opposed to one based on …

Terminating the Politics and Irrelevance of Intelligence Analysis

Filed under: American Government,War On Terror - 23 Aug 2006

Closely tied to the question of how best to set intelligence requirements are the larger questions of how to improve analysis by the intelligence community and how to increase its impact. Many current and former policymakers are critical of …

Has the Time Come for Passenger Mutinies?

As US Democrats and the worldwide leftist power elite continue to push their patently insane message “It’s better to die than to be politically incorrect”, an intrepid group of airline passengers finally decided to take matters into their own hands.