Is War With Mexico Inevitable?

By: William H. Calhoun III

The rhetoric that one hears in the liberal media often goes along the lines that “Mexico is our friend.” Recent findings, however, may indicate otherwise. Not only is Mexico helping terrorists sneak into the United States, but they themselves are invading on a daily basis.

As recently exposed by various news sources, Islamic terrorists disguised as Mexicans have been entering the United States – and Mexico is assisting them. They not only look just like Mexicans, but they speak fluent Spanish too. They blend in as migrant workers – just waiting to strike.

These terrorists have training camps in Mexico and Brazil, and other locations in Central and South America. They first arrive at such places to learn fluent Spanish and how to blend into Hispanic culture. They then go to the US-Mexico border to find a way across. Sheriffs in Texas have recently found Iranian currency, military badges in Arabic, clothes and other Arabic items along the banks of the Rio Grande River.

How do they cross? Easy! The Mexican military or Mexican cartels assist them. From recent reports, it seems that the terrorists are quite popular with many segments of Mexican society. For a nominal fee, many in the Mexican military or Mexican cartels have no qualms about smuggling terrorists into the United States. They are, after all, helping to strike a blow against the “gringos” (whites) and helping to reclaim the Southwestern United States. I recently spoke to someone who has spent much time along the border. He said to me, “You know, it is really shocking how many Mexicans support these terrorists. They seem to admire them.”

Why are Mexicans helping terrorists? Your enemy’s enemy is your friend, and Mexicans realize this. Terrorists certainly will aid, not hinder, the Mexican invasion of America. A few backpack nukes set off in major cities will distract Americans from the immigration issue, helping even more Mexicans to invade the US.

And Mexicans invade this country on a daily basis. For anyone who has studied just-war theory, you should know that invasion is grounds for war. At least 12 million Mexicans have invaded the U.S. over the past 10 years, and they refuse to stop. Current projections indicate that another 100 million will come, probably reclaiming the Southwestern United States.

President George W. Bush has refused to secure the border – - both a treasonous and impeachable offense. He has given into the shortsighted views of big business and multicultural leftists – - refusing to listen to reason. And we are going to pay the price. If he cared at all about the welfare of the United States, he would have commenced the building of a wall across the US-Mexico border on his first day in office.

But now things have gone even further. Mexicans continue to invade. They are aiding terrorists. They hope to reclaim parts of America. These are all acts of war.

Mark my words. War with Mexico will come. It is just a matter of time. Ostriches in Washington need look around and see what millions of Americas already see: We are under attack!!

William H. Calhoun is a writer, conservative, and graduate of the University of Chicago. He can be reached at

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