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August 29, 2006

Obligatory Political Correctness Syndrome

Are you a conservative? If so, have you ever asked yourself why you sometimes feel obliged to inject painfully obvious statements into your debates with liberals? Here’s what I mean.

Sturdy Polish Wives for EU Farmers

This is an interesting little report from UPI. It seems that middle and upper middle class farmers in small villages throughout the European Union are… importing Polish wives.

“Well-to-do farmers, aged 25 to 40, from Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands and …

Tainted And Stained: The Clinton Legacy and HIV

At this year’s International AIDS Conference, former president Bill Clinton fielded criticisms that he had not “done enough” about the HIV virus. In activist-speak, this means that he didn’t throw enough of American taxpayers’ money at the problem.

Russia Tells UN Security Council: Don’t Fret Over Iran

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 29 Aug 2006

As the Iranians are moving closer and closer to developing a viable nuclear weapons program, our Russian friends(?) are telling the world not to worry. A Russian official is being quoted as saying the centrifuges available to Iran are not …