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August 31, 2006

Income Tax Destroyed Connecticut Jobs

Filed under: Taxes & Taxation - 31 Aug 2006

A think-tank study documents the destruction wrought by Connecticut’s adoption of an income tax on wages and salaries. Fiscal conservatives, defined as those with some grasp of economic realities, have long recognized that taxing an activity tends to …

Terrorism – We Won’t Win Unless We Get Serious

Filed under: War On Terror - 31 Aug 2006

I can only imagine that many Americans don’t really believe that we are at war with Islamofascism because they have not been hurt badly enough by the enemy to desire to answer the call to arms.

The Turtle and the Snake: An Anecdote About Terrorism

Mr. Snake approaches Mr. Turtle on a river bank and asks Mr. Turtle for a ride across the water since he can’t swim the river himself. Mr. Turtle politely refuses to oblige, reasoning that if he were to give Mr. …

Human Rights Groups to Conduct Surveillance to Help Terrorists

Two human rights groups wish to use the European Union’s satellites to uncover CIA secret detention facilities. The organizations involved are The Council of Europe and Human Rights Watch, which is based in the United States.
What’s shocking about …

Is Corruption Inevitable?

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Aug 2006

I’ve shared on several occasions that my sole ambition throughout early youth (along with half my peers) was to be The Next Big Pop Star. In the course of this pursuit, and due to the fact that I had family …