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September 2, 2006

Carter, Kerry, and Other Embarrassments

Like a chronic rash, former President Jimmy Carter has emerged once again to display a quality that vastly eclipses mere ignorance. Were his abominable utterances of recent weeks merely the result of misinformation, the law of averages suggests that Carter …

First Responders Preparation for WMD Attack Still Lagging

Filed under: War On Terror - 02 Sep 2006

America’s first line of defense in any terrorist attack is the “first responder” community — local police, firefighters, and emergency medical professionals. Properly trained and equipped first responders have the greatest potential to save lives and limit casualties after a …

I Do Not Care!

Have you ever seen some Leftist talking head on TV, or maybe listened to one on the radio, or read an op-ed written by one, and found yourself growing enraged at their inane ideology?

Gates County CAMA

Filed under: Politics In General - 02 Sep 2006

To begin, the bad news in Gates County is the CAMA Core Land Use Citizens Participation Plan (CPP) is still missing. The good news is I have been given a draft copy of the Citizens Participation Plan! Also, I have …