I Do Not Care!

By: Doug Hagin

Have you ever seen some Leftist talking head on TV, or maybe listened to one on the radio, or read an op-ed written by one, and found yourself growing enraged at their inane ideology? Have you ever wished you could grab that Leftist and just scream, “I do not care?” Well, if so, you are not alone. I have wanted to scream those words at the likes of Ted Kennedy, Bob Beckel, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Je$$e Jack$on, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and Al Sharpton dozens of times.

This column is here to help you, and me, and every other American who is nauseated at the whining, carping, and moaning, we are inundated with from the .far left. They always seem to be complaining about this or that offending them don’t they? They act as if being offended is the absolute worst calamity that can befall a person. Of course, pretty much anything that disagrees with their ideology offends them, so, there are ample opportunities for them to suffer bruised feelings.

So here, we go kids, the words we all so desperately want to yell at the left in America-I DO NOT CARE!

If American history offends the left, I do not care! Let them be offended by the Confederate flag, or Confederate monuments all day long. If Southerners remembering history upsets the left then oh well. Maybe they ought to get off their whiny butts and study the history, and understand that tens of thousands of Southerners chose to fight for their homeland. It is history, deal with it! If the left wants to ignore this history, then they are more than welcome to bury their heads in the sand and continue on their path of ignorance. If the NAACP wants to beat the drums of discontent, and pretend a flag is their biggest problem I do not care!

If men looking at attractive women offends the left, I do not care! My goodness, they are getting upset over nature, which they claim to revere! Yes, it is normal, and natural for men to look at pretty women. It is not sexual harassment, or sexist, or wrong, it is just the way nature designed us. Face it opposites attract, and if the left wants to pretend otherwise, then they might as well pretend the sky is red.

If pro-life Americans upset the left, I do not care! Abortion is wrong, period! It is wrong for one simple reason; it kills an innocent human being. If the pro-abortion zealots want to to label pro-lifers as anti-woman, or anti-choice, or uncaring let them, let them spew their emotionalist rhetoric, I do not care! When the pro-abortionists can prove that the unborn is not a living human with medical facts, then, I will listen. Until then, I do not care, nor should I, about their phony, intellectually bankrupt catch phrases!

If my owning guns, according to Al Gore I own an arsenal, scares the left, then tough, I do not care! I am here today because on October 1, 1998, I exercised my right to be armed. Contrary to the radical ideas of Sarah Brady, or Chucky Schummer, I was carrying a handgun, when some punk decided to try to rob me. Because I did not listen to the anti-gun lunacy of the left, the person who thought I should be a victim, ran away, screaming “Please God, don’t shoot me!” While I got on with my life instead of becoming a stat. Millions of other Americans have stopped crimes because they were armed, just as I did. If that offends some gun-grabbing fanatic, then, say it with me, I DO NOT CARE!

If America and patriotism offends the left, then you better bet your last dollar that I do not care! America is not perfect, but by golly, it is far and away the best nation on this planet! If the left-leaning folks who are always bashing America want to be taken seriously, let them move! Until then, they are just spoiled brats bashing America while enjoying America’s blessings of freedom and prosperity!

If public displays of Christian faith, like the Ten Commandments, or a student thanking God at graduation, or Christmas parades, upset the left, then guess what? Yep, that is right! I DO NOT CARE!! People of faith really do not mind the left NOT celebrating faith, but we also expect that same courtesy when we celebrate our faith! Is that little bit of tolerance so hard?
If the left wants to parrot the failed ideology of Marx, fine, but they should not expect anyone with a brain to listen to them when they do so. If they wish to fool themselves into believing the repeated failures of Marxism in its many forms, is because it just has not been done correctly, then I do not care!

If America, England, and Israel fighting terrorists are upsetting to the left, then, frankly, I do not care! If my desire for every Islamic terrorist to meet an extremely painful death makes the left uneasy, then too bad! I, like most Conservatives love peace, but also recognize there is a time when war is necessary. Islamic terrorists killing 3,000 of my American brothers and sisters, made this war very necessary!

The left can try to understand the “root causes” of terrorism all day long, I do not care! They can try to apply their dearly held moral equivalencies to Israel and Hezbollah if they like, I do not care. Let them be useful idiots, to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaida, I do not care! However, I will call them exactly what their actions show them to be. They are anti-American, anti-freedom, and morally retarded buffoons. If such straight talk offends them, well, I do not care!

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