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September 3, 2006

Scotland Yard Arrests 14 Terror Suspects in London

Filed under: War On Terror - 03 Sep 2006

Scotland Yard’s counterterrorism unit officers arrested 14 men during a number of anti-terror raids in south and east London, according to the British Home Office.

America’s Second Civil War

It has been reported that Gov. Schwarzenegger caved into the persistent demands of Cultural Marxists and signed into law SB 1441. This law—a foul subversion of our Rule of Law and Constitutional rights—serves to further undermine the traditional family and parental rights by forcing extreme sex education upon children. Campaign for Children and Families in California and America (CCFAC) is outraged and appalled by Schwarzenegger’s cowardly capitulation. Schwarzenegger has “trampled the religious freedom to satisfy hyperactive sexual activists…Schwarzenegger is doing what Gray Davis did—trample religious freedom at the bidding of liberal activists from San Francisco and Hollywood. He’s not the lesser of two evils, he’s doing evil.” (Schwarzenegger Squashes Religious Freedom, Save California, 8/29/06)