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September 5, 2006

Top Mexican Drug Kingpin Nailed by Coast Guard, DEA

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The US Coast Guard, working closely with the DEA, apprehended Arellano-Felix and seven other adults in a recreational vessel on and arrived at the Coast Guard facility in San Diego, where they were taken into custody by the DEA and …

Interview with MA Congressional Candidate Rick Barton

The following is an email interview, which I conducted with conservative Massachusetts 6th Congressional District Candidate Rick Barton. Barton is running against incumbent Rep. John Tierney and the powerful Massachusetts liberal Democrat machine. However, Barton’s credentials are solid.

Why I Lost Faith In Jimmy Carter

From my own perspective, I would say that former President Jimmy Carter has been probably the most surprising personality in recent years. His level of outspokenness and willingness to criticize the Bush administration is far beyond anything that I have …

N.Y.Times – Karl Rove Losing Influence? They SURE Hope So!

Sept. 2nd’s edition of the Times has a pretty misleading article filled with Karl Rove’s woes and informing all of us lowly beyond the beltway lifeforms that Rove is now useless to his Party where once he was a kingmaker. …