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September 7, 2006

N.Y.Times – Rolling Pig’s Head More ‘Racist’ Than Murders of Jews

Last July a prankster in Maine rolled a severed, frozen pig’s head through the doors of a storefront turned Muslim Mosque in the town of Lewiston. On Sept. 5th, The New York Times decided that this incident is a prime …

It Must Be A Conspiracy

Filed under: Featured Conservative,War On Terror - 07 Sep 2006

As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches, there’s a collective sigh of relief that, at least so far, we’ve avoided a repeat of that tragic day. Some will attribute this muted victory to efforts by the U.S. government. A …

Illegal Alien “Ma Barker” Captured by Feds

Filed under: Immigration - 07 Sep 2006

Seventy-nine fugitives and three immigration status violators living in various cities throughout Florida were arrested by federal agents and detention and removal officers during a two-week period that ended on September 1.

It is time we take America back

This crosses party lines so do not go getting all self righteous, they could all work together to secure our borders but they won’t and do you know why, because if it is secure they have no issue to attack …