It is time we take America back

By: Carolyn Hileman

They have told us over and over again that deportation does not work, and I for one am beginning to believe them. We have reported story after story on this blog about people who were deported not once but several times. It really shouldn’t take a lot more for us to understand that deportation is just a detour for these people. We are currently deporting murderers; drug traffickers, child molesters’ and the lot only to have them pay someone to bring them back in. Essentially what we are doing or should I say what our leaders are doing is putting a bandage on a cancer and calling it fixed. They really do not want any of these issues fixed, simply because when the issue goes away they have no platform to run on. If we were to put the drug runners in jail rather than simply deport them at least for a few years we would have a win in the war on drugs, but that is not what they want.

This crosses party lines so do not go getting all self righteous, they could all work together to secure our borders but they won’t and do you know why, because if it is secure they have no issue to attack one another on. Gives a whole new meaning to catch and release doesn’t it? Think about this for a moment and really let it sink in, if any of them wanted the borders secure they would have done something about it. Each administration baring the first Bush administration had eight years, eight years my friends to put a halt to the illegal immigration problem. While administrations like Clinton’s were openly sympathetic to the illegal immigrants cause and just opened the door wider, others who were supposed to be more conservative, promised to fix it and only opened the door even wider, which tells me that either we elected a bunch of do nothing idiots or they really had no intention of fixing the problem and that Clinton for once was the honest one.

This one issue is not the only one that they are intentionally not going to fix; there is health care, social security, education and just about any topic you can come up with all because they want your vote. You see if they fix any of these things then they can’t go in front of the cameras and say that the other party is stalling and won’t work with them. We are essentially being played, we are being given umpteen thousand different issues that need to be addressed and we are being told the other party is doing it all wrong and they will do it better but NO ONE ever does. We are told that the illegal immigrants have the same rights we do so I would assume If they are caught using someone else’s ID they will go to jail, if they are caught with drugs they will go to jail, if they murder someone they will get the death penalty, if they molest a child if the parent does not get to them first then the courts will send their happy little butts to jail.

Yes, I know this is going to cost us money, guess what they are already costing us money we are putting them up in America so they can rape and kill and then when we catch them we send the back to Mexico so they can come back and do it all over again. We need to put a stop to the madness and we need to do this now build more prisons and put these people behind bars so they cannot be let loose on society again. Besides the cost it takes to put them up pay for their medical care and food and clothing, think about the cost to the families who have had a family member killed or raped and even molested, how much is it worth to you personally to know that person cannot simply walk back across the border and do that to your family?

They had us going on the well the president can’t do anything without a majority; we gave the president the majority. What has that gotten us? What exactly has been done since we gave him the majority and don’t blame it all on Frist either. That man doesn’t have enough skills to lead an illegal immigrant across the border and he is going to lead us, don’t think so, and it isn’t just McCain either, hell most of us knew he was a back stabbing liberal long before now so you really can’t say that he alone is the problem. The simple fact of the matter is NO ONE wants to fix anything, it is kind of like when you take you car in to get fixed and they only fix one thing and don’t mess with anything else so that you have to keep coming back, well think about it how many times have we gone back to the same old parties and they might at least make it look like they are trying to fix something but in the end you have to go back because they never fixed it in the first place.

These people have no intention of doing anything that we do not make them do, they will argue about it, they will debate about it, they will pretend to work on it but in the end it will be the same old thing, they will argue some more. The truth hurts I know, I honestly believed that our president would really care about Americans but they are much more concerned about the Mexican population that supposedly want to be American’s All they can say is that they help our economy, my fourteen year old son who for the most part does not wish to take sides in this at all has asked if they are so good for our economy why does theirs suck? Good question don’t you think? We are not going to solve this problem by going to the government; they have proven that to us many times, we must use good old fashioned ingenuity.

Things like do not shop at places that you know pander to the illegals or hire them, do not buy products from companies like Pilgrims pride or Tyson since they hire illegal immigrants. Ask business owners if they hire illegal immigrants because it is your business to know where your hard earned money is going. If your church is a part of the illegal immigrant movement or supports them give your donation to someplace else, don’t put it in the plate on Sunday morning, give it to the boy scouts. I personally will not eat at the local Burger King simply because during all of the marches before they had a sign up that said hiring bilingual cashiers, someone tell me that is not openly pandering. We don’t need a big movement, we don’t need an organized boycott, what we need right now more than anything is one person being responsible for their country and that one person multiplied by millions will force those companies in line.

If you want to email those companies and tell them what your doing then I say do it, let them start wondering when their stocks suddenly start dropping what one person can do. It is time we take America back for the American’s, and it is time American’s step up to the plate, if our troops can leave their families and put their lives on the line daily I think we can do without Miller beer, or Pilgrim’s chicken. I think we can summon the courage to ask business owners if they are hiring illegal immigrants and inform them the consequences if they do not fire them all and stop hiring them, we have a right to ask the questions, we have a right to not by the produce until they rid the fields of every illegal immigrant. WE have the right to know that the company we are giving our money to is supporting America not Mexico. Kid yourself not people this is a war, a war we must win and a war we the people must fight, don’t give your money to a party, give it to a candidate but only after you have asked the hard questions. It is time we take America back.

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