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September 8, 2006

Ok You Win! We’ll Negotiate With Terrorists!

The constant drumbeat of negativity from the Vietnam, anti any war that they cannot use to make themselves more powerful, left has brought me to the point where I have to admit that it is time to negotiate with the …

Ivy League University Professor Busted for Child Porn, Sex with Underaged Boys

Federal agents and prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Professor Lawrence Scott Ward at his office at the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday charging him with involvement with child pornography and having sex with underaged boys.

Open Letter To Legal Immigrants Or Americans

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Immigration - 08 Sep 2006

When you said the Pledge of Allegiance and became an American citizen, those were not just words you were saying it was a pledge to protect this great country that you asked to accept you as one of our own. …

Does God Love the Democrat?

Filed under: Religion & Faith,The Democrats - 08 Sep 2006

I say! A great hearty fat, drunken, gout-stricken 18th-Century English lord’s guffaw over the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life’s study “Many Americans Uneasy with Mix of Religion and Politics”!