Open Letter To Legal Immigrants Or Americans

By: Carolyn Hileman

When you said the Pledge of Allegiance and became an American citizen, those were not just words you were saying it was a pledge to protect this great country that you asked to accept you as one of our own. When you signed those final documents you became part owner in a great country and a beacon to the rest of the world, you became an American. Yes it was long and hard, you had to fight for it every step of the way, but anything good is always worth fighting for. It was your fighting spirit that brought you to America and your fighting spirit is just what your country needs. You could have snuck over like a lot of them do but you had honor and you could not force yourself to tarnish your life as an American by coming here illegally, that my friend is what makes you an American.

You are the kind of people America welcomes with open arms because we know in our hearts that since you fought like hell to get here you are not about to allow anyone to destroy America, it is yours, you own it. You own the rolling pastures, the vast beaches, the sky scrapers and the back yard gardens; it is a part of you. You wake up every morning just grateful that God allowed you yet another day to live here, you teach your children respect for the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance, you teach them to speak English so they can one day be able to go out in this country and climb higher than you ever believed was imaginable, you are an American. Yes, your new country has problems but not near as many as the one you left behind and the people here try and solve the problems not sweep them under the rug.

You see the little things we take for granted and rejoice in them, often telling us just how good we have it because sometimes we need a reminder, you are an American. If you notice I keep saying you are an American, because that is what you are, you are not African American, you are not Mexican American, you are not French American, you are not Italian American, you are not Iraqi American, you are American. Americans need no first name we are American pure and simple and I don’t care where you came from, if you became a legal citizen you are an American. You can practice your culture at home, you can sponsor parades, join groups or any thing else that promotes your heritage, most of us have, but you are an American.

I know most of you have seen or at least heard about the so called immigrant rallies, they are not for the legal immigrants although some of you have been in them possibly or know someone who has. These rallies are not to help the legal immigrants; they are set up to give amnesty to those people who did not have the dignity to come into your country the proper way. They snuck into the country and now after they are here illegally they want you the ones who came here legally to stand up for them and demand that your country allow them to stay. They want you to say that it is OK for them to cross the borders of your country and steal someone’s ID and get a job, they want you to say it is OK for them to use the services that your tax dollar is paying for. They are asking you to turn on the country you fought for years to get into.

Now I know some of you went to those rallies honestly believing that it was to help legal immigrants, that is OK America is a very forgiving country, don’t allow their hatred of your country to stop you from coming back to where you belong. When you see us out in the street please understand that we are not protesting you the American citizen, we are protesting the ones who want to take the easy way in and make all of your sacrifice and fight worth nothing. We are not out there just for the native born American we are out there for all of those who spent the years going through the proper channels and for all of those who are still waiting to become one of us. We are not fighting you, you are one of us, we are fighting for you and hopefully one day with you, because once you signed those papers and said the Pledge, you became part owner in our great country, you became an American.

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