I want to be American but not you’re American

By: Carolyn Hileman

You know, the ACLU is having all sorts of fits about the Mexicans’ having to provide social security numbers for school, they say this is personal information. Now I must ask why is that social security numbers for Mexicans are personal and social security numbers for American’s are not? They do not have any problem using our social security numbers to get jobs, bank loans, credit cards and anything else they want. Now could it be that oh, I don’t know, they might be here illegally and that is why they don’t want to show their social security cards, what next they are going to claim they don’t need to show shot records because that is personal as well?

When my kids go to school each year I get a whole boat load of papers to fill out, including that annoying migrant farmer crap that has nothing at all to do with me and I really don’t think I should have to bother with, but I have not gone to the ACLU about it. I know that the Supreme Court said they could not single them out and ask for certain things to make them uncover the fact that they are illegal, but it did not say that they should be treated better than our students. We must show Social security cards and shot records in order to enroll our kids in school, so why should they be allowed not to. While we are on this topic, there is one other thing I wish to address, our schools are over crowded and most of us know why.

We pay the taxes to run those schools every single year, and we have a right to know that every child that is enrolled in the schools that we are supporting live in our school district or are paying out of district fees. Can you imagine the amount of money our schools would have if they would rid themselves of the students who do not live in that district or make them pay out of district fees, why we might even get a tax reduction, NOT!! All they would have to do is have them show a light bill or something, I would do it, I imagine most people would and we could save money and maybe buy new books, computers, all sorts of things.

So maybe we should start showing up at the board meetings and requiring them to be accountable for the money they are asking us to spend. I don’t think it is too much to ask that they check this out; I think they should be accountable to the tax payers and not spend our money frivolously. As for the social security problem that is just one more example of I want to be American but not you’re American.

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