9-11 And Its Lessons

By: Doug Hagin

On this, the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks what has America learned? Well on that terrible day, we all learned some tough, sobering lessons; we also learned a whole lot about our selves, our nation, as well as about our enemies. Sadly, we also learned that, while we were attacked by Islamo-Nazis, they are not our only enemies. In addition, we know now, after these five years, that although America has many heroes, it also has a fair number of cowards. Therefore, here, on this saddest of nights, is a look at America’s loss, its heroes, its enemies, and its cowards.

Our collective loss is sobering, 3,000 Americans dead on 9-11, incinerated and murdered in a most cowardly way by maniacal Islamo-Nazis. Of course, we have lost over 2,500 troops as well, in our current war waged on those Islamo-Nazis. Today there are families that will never be whole again. Mothers, fathers, siblings, husbands, wives, children all lost five years ago and in the war since. Lost through no fault of our own, despite what a few Leftist loudmouths may opine. America never asked or deserved 9-11. Those suffering families never asked for it either. Our troops never asked for war either. The simply rose to defend America.

America is the most generous, forgiving, and peaceful nation on earth. Of course, sadly, we learned all too well five years ago, that those traits of kindness mean nothing to fanatical mass murderers. Those swine revel in slaughtering the innocent and the kind-hearted don’t they? On 9-10-01, many of us failed to understand the sheer evil and lunacy of Islamic terrorists. We, as sane, loving people, could not predict anything like 9-11 could we?

When we see suffering we get out our checkbooks, roll up our sleeves, and get to work helping those hurting and in need. Our enemies, however, celebrate suffering, and do their best to create more pain and human loss. These radical Islamo-Nazis are the epitome of evil. Imagine the most vicious, bloodthirsty, blackest creature from the pits of Hades, and you can imagine those who attacked us on 9-11. Yes, on 9-11 we Americans learned that evil does exist, and we saw its horrendous face when those planes slammed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and that field in Pennsylvania.

We certainly learned that America has a surplus of heroes on 9-11. Nearly 400 firefighters died trying to save others in New York that day. Many police officers fell in heroic service that dark day as well. What a very stark contrast is painted when we compare the selfless valor of those heroes with the evil, murderous deeds of the 19 terrorist swine. While they took innocent life and destroyed it, our heroes, laid down their lives to protect and save innocent lives. We ought never forget, my friends, that on that day, 19 evil bastards died expecting to inherit paradise, and instead paradise welcomed hundreds of firefighters, and police officers. The 19 terrorists inherited eternal suffering, not paradise.

Since 9-11, America has shed many tears of joy, appreciation and, of course mourning for our fighting forces. They are, without a doubt, the finest America has to offer. Our military is 100 % voluntary, many of them volunteering AFTER the attack on 9-11. Gallantly they answered the most honorable of calls, that of duty. No finer men and women ever lived than the ones serving today. Upon the attacks on our land, they rose up and waited, even demanded, the opportunity, to avenge America and its people. Moreover, avenge it they have done in devastating fashion. Remember my friends, America did not start this war, but we will damn sure finish it!

Our heroes realize that war is ugly, and painful. They also realize that sometimes it is the only answer. After Islamo-Nazis slaughtered 3,000 Americans, they understood the time for war had come. As their predecessors showed on many fields of battle, America’s military has shown there is no force on earth capable of defeating America. To date our military has sent thousands and thousands of terrorists to their just reward, it has destroyed two evil governmental systems of oppression and afforded two nations a chance at liberty. May God above bless these heroes and may we never even contemplate forsaking them.

Finally, a look at those amongst us who, sadly, either do not recognize the evil that we face, or do not cherish the liberty America grants to its people. The terrorists are not America’s only enemies. There are, all too often, Americans, who, for whatever reason, desire us to fail in our current struggle. Of whom do I speak? The Cindy Sheehan’s, the John Murtha’s, the MoveOn.org crowd, the Michael Moore’s, Dick Durbin‘s, Jimmy Carter’s, John Kerry‘s, the ACLU. In other words, I speak of the far Left of America.

Those who call the terrorists we fight, “freedom fighters”, or compare them to our Founding Fathers. I speak of those who refer to our troops as the problem, or as an invading force, or accuse them of “terrorizing” Iraqis, or of committing “cold-blooded murder”! I speak of those who “support” our troops by calling them stupid, or by saying, they only joined the military because they could not get a decent job. Of course, I also speak of those who love to announce our troops are losing, or cannot win or that they are broken.

I also speak of those “peace” activists, who carry signs calling for more Iraqi resistance, and announcing their support for those who fight our troops. I surely would not leave out those activists who dearly love to accuse America of being a terrorist state, or who call President Bush a terrorist. Give these miscreants points for consistency though. They always, always, always blame America don’t they?

Yes, yes, and yes again these people are NOT patriots, they ARE anti-Americans, and they ARE our enemies. Never forget that.

What did 9-11 teach us? Many things, as we have seen. One lesson however must stand above the others though. We are now engaged with an evil enemy. Evil cannot be appeased, it cannot be tolerated, it must be met and crushed with devastating force or it will crush us. Please, never forget that!

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