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September 15, 2006

It Really Shouldn’t Bother You

Filed under: Immigration - 15 Sep 2006

The trucks and vans that bring our illegal workers to our country, could just as easily be filled with explosives and detonated in any city in America, but it really shouldn’t bother you. The people who walk into our country …

What the Democrats Don’t Understand About the War on Terror

As the mid-term election cycle enters the home stretch, Democratic congressional candidates, party leaders, and left-wing pundits are taking to the airwaves in a vigorous assault on the Bush administration’s handling of the Global War on Terror. By criticizing President …

Americans Give United Nations Thumbs Down in New Poll

Filed under: The United Nations - 15 Sep 2006

In a new poll, the American people, by and large, are giving the United Nations and it’s immense bureaucracy a thumbs down, with many saying the entire institution should be scrapped.

Will Liberals Ever Recognize The Constitution?

Will Liberals ever recognize the Constitution and its authority? That is a serious question. Because every day that passes convinces me more and more that the political left has no interest in doing so. At least they have …