It Really Shouldn’t Bother You

By: Carolyn Hileman

The trucks and vans that bring our illegal workers to our country, could just as easily be filled with explosives and detonated in any city in America, but it really shouldn’t bother you. The people who walk into our country could be carrying a suit case with a dirty bomb capable of killing thousands of people, but it really shouldn’t bother you. One case of undetected small pox could potentially wipe out an entire city of its people, but it really shouldn’t bother you. People coming into our country undetected carrying backpacks filled with bomb making material are clearly not looking to better their lives by becoming an American, but it really shouldn’t bother you.

There were people taking flying lessons, only learning how to fly and not land and it didn’t bother anybody. There was a news special with Bin Laden a confessed mass murderer who said that he was at war with America and it didn’t bother anybody. There were murders at our embassies but it didn’t bother anybody. There was an attack on the trade centers, since only six people died, it didn’t bother anybody. There were men trying to board a plane who did not have the proper ID and it didn’t bother anybody. Perhaps we have become too accustom to our freedoms that we automatically assume that anyone can do anything simply because we are free. We no longer question anything, and just go around in a haze, things that seem peculiar are just assumed to be another American exercising their rights.

To say that we learned better after 9/11 would be a bald faced lie, there are still many who refuse to accept that there are really bad people out there and yes they do wish to kill us. They prefer instead to believe that our own government did that to us and that no outside force would ever be able to do what was done to us, they would have us to believe like them, that our own people set explosives inside the trade centers and the pentagon and that flight 93 never really went down. Then there are those who would rather than work to secure our nation have worked to embolden those who would do us harm, they have fought constantly to ensure that those who were caught in battle have the same rights as you and I. It does not matter to them that these people were caught during a war trying to kill an American, they must be treated like an American, a country they hate and despise.

There are those who we entrusted with our safety and security that have turned a blind eye to the same exact problems that we were having before in the hopes that it would not happen again. There are those and yes, I am speaking of Bush this time that are so focused on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan that they cannot turn their head for one second to see the other potential dangers lurking just beyond our borders. While we thank him for his undying fortitude on the war on terrorism, we also need him to wake up, stop dreaming of the day he gets to go home and look at the other potential dangers that surround us. Simply saying that we are fighting the war in Iraq so we don’t have to fight it here is no longer enough when we know for a fact they there have been terrorists who have crossed over our borders and that there have been people arrested in Texas with backpacks full of explosives.

A DPS officer in Texas shot by two illegal immigrants, it really shouldn’t bother you. The Mexican army making armed incursions into our country without any resistance, it really shouldn’t bother you. Unarmed National Guard building fences in a hot bed of drug cartels and people willing to do anything to cross our borders, it really shouldn’t bother you. Border patrol who are not allowed to fire upon people illegally invading or face ten to twenty years in prison, it really shouldn’t bother you. An Arizona senator who cosponsored a bill that would fine law officials twenty thousand dollars if they bothered to check to see if an application for a green card was valid, an Arizona border patrol member who reported two Texas border patrol members for doing their jobs, it really shouldn’t bother you. An illegal immigrant that was delivering drugs and was shot trying to flee given immunity, for testifying against the officers that shot him, it really shouldn’t bother you. A US prosecutor, prosecuting our border patrol agents instead of the man who was in our country illegally and running drugs, it really shouldn’t bother you.

When the day comes that another van goes across our borders laden with explosives, destination unknown and our agents turn a blind eye for fear of prosecution, and another building goes up in flames and another 2000 people die. When the day comes, that these peaceful protests turn to violence and the people are forced to defend themselves. When the day comes that another 19 highjacker’s take to our skies with nothing more than death and destruction on their minds, when they start asking the questions and demanding the answers, it really shouldn’t bother you.

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