There’s the Truth, Then There’s What the Saudis Say

By: Warner Todd Huston

The American left has been quickly losing their collective mind with an ever-escalating indulgence in wild conspiracy theories that began in earnest during Bush’s first election in 2000. Granted, the left has been prone to wild-eyed conspiracy theories for decades, at least since the McCarthy era and definitely since McGoven ran for the White House in 1972. But the level of the touted secret cabals running the world behind the scenes seem to have grown exponentially in the minds of Democrats since 2000.

From Bush’s AWOL status being successfully quashed and all paperwork being secreted away somewhere — well, all the paperwork that Dan Rather didn’t fabricate, anyway — to the claims that Democrats in a Democrat controlled Florida county were prevented from voting, to a claimed GOP puppeteering of the Supreme Court, to the claims of “Big Oil” controlling everything, to an international conspiracy controlled by Haliburton, the Democrats have been spinning one theory right after another with dizzying rapidity. It never stops, Bush is killing blacks in New Orleans, Bush is controlling gas prices, he is even accused by Dailykos nutters of being the mastermind behind the recent E Coli outbreak in fresh, bagged spinach, of all things!

… yet paradoxically, Democrats also contend that Bush is the stupidest, biggest dummie president we’ve ever had!

Yes, they have gone over the edge with their fantasy excuses for their own failures. But, the Democrats pale in comparison to the utterly psychotic conspiracies that infest the Muslim world and naturally the Jews and America, the Great Satan, are at the root of them all.

The latest conspiracy theory proposed by the Saudis is that we Americans have launched a plan to falsely accuse, arrest and imprison Saudi students who come to the USA merely to attend University.

These innocent, Saudi students only want to better themselves and this claim of a Saudi student imprisoning his maid and forcing her into sexual slavery in Colorado is just another Satanic poly to abuse Saudi Arabian citizens, just another example of American racism against Muslims.

Of course, it is because of our great American racist desire to attack Islam, you see. Why, we evil Americans have no reason to be suspicious of any male Muslim “student” … do we?

Heck, this guy couldn’t be guilty even though the poor woman that was sexually abused and forced to manual labor for no pay came forward and identified Homaidan Al-Turki as her tormentor. No, not according to the!

No it HAS to be a great conspiracy of American racism.

“Al-Turki’s sentence was unjust and unfair. Pleas to the US president were useless because the jury had made its decision. We grew up knowing that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. The Western rules nowadays assume that every Muslim is guilty and a terrorist until proven otherwise.”

So, there it is, that evil US racism revealed.

So goes the faux Saudi outrage. But what are the real details of the case?

“Prosecutors said Al-Turki brought the victim, who is now 24, from Saudi Arabia in 2000 to work as his family’s nanny and housekeeper in their Aurora home. Al-Turki is married and has five children.

The victim testified in court that she worked seven days a week and was paid $150 a month. She said Al-Turki and his wife kept most of that money. Al-Turki also allegedly took the woman’s passport and sexually abused her.

“This is a clear-cut example of human trafficking,” Decker said. “It’s important he is put in prison.”"

And what was Al-Turki’s explanation about why he mistreated his “maid” so badly?

Al-Turki said that he treated the woman the same way any observant Muslim family would treat a daughter. Then he railed at the court, saying that “the state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.”

So, we see that this young student was just claiming to be a good Muslim treating his charge as he would a daughter. Of course, a “good” Muslim Father often feels no compunction to cut off a daughter’s nose, rape her, allow others to rape her, or merely just kill her if that Father imagines that his daughter has somehow violated religious tenets, or caused him “dishonor” and few places in the Muslim world would make any effort to stop such a “loving” Father from showing his “love” so effectively.

That kind of “good” Muslim we do not need.

Still, I heartily endorse the main point about this case that the advocated.

“I wish we could stop sending our students abroad and instead develop and support our public and private colleges in the Kingdom. Achieving international educational standards in our colleges and universities would serve our students better than sending them to a country where the administration clearly has a system that is unfair.”

I can very much agree. I wish they would stop sending their “students” here, as well.

However, it is doubtful that the Saudis will stop sending their students here as their Universities do not teach a well-rounded course load, but focus instead almost exclusively on Koranic studies. So any Saudi that wishes to be trained for a useful profession must leave his home and travel to a western University to find that education.

Would that the Saudis could enter the modern world as the seemed to wish. Perhaps we might see some of the world’s current troubles subside?

But one thing is for sure. Muslims will not be able to address their own, internal problems until they stop blaming everyone else for their troubles. Sometimes a “student” really is guilty of a crime when accused.

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