Putting two and two together, what Americans are unwilling to see?

By: Carolyn Hileman

9/19/2006, Wednesday, September 20, what do these two dates have in common? They each have a different headline, but they seem to intersect in many ways.

By Ken Kobayashi
Advertiser Courts Writer

Larry Butrick, assistant U.S. attorney in charge of criminal cases for the U.S. attorney’s office, said “in all likelihood,” the office will appeal, but he wants to wait for the return tomorrow of Ronald Johnson, the assistant U.S. attorney handling the case who is out sick.

The appeal would be filed with a U.S. district judge here.

Chapman, 53, star of the popular A&E reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter”; his son Leland Chapman, 29; and Timothy Chapman (no relation), 41, were arrested by federal marshals Thursday morning on an extradition warrant requested by the Mexican government.

Mexican President Vicente Fox Pledges to Extradite Drug Lords
Wednesday, September 20

Now is that just a bit to coincidental, that when our US attorney’s office works diligently to get bail taken from Dog, Fox decides to give up drug lords. What we have here is a classic example of a prisoner exchange, Dog is who they want and they will do anything to get him, which begs the question what do they plan to do to him if they get him, somehow I don’t see it being anything lawful and one must wonder just how much money is behind this? While we all know he did bounty hunt in Mexico and that they say that it is illegal, one has to question why on earth we should care. Their people are allowed to roam free in America, sell drugs, kill innocent citizens and when they flee back to Mexico we cannot touch them. You let an American go over into their country, doing his job, bringing back a criminal and that my friend is illegal.

One must wonder if the US attorney’s office is in fact working for Mexico in light of the past and present events, it was not to long ago two border patrol agents were tried for shooting an illegal immigrant who was trying to smuggle drugs into our country. Instead of going after the drug smuggler they went to Mexico gave him immunity if he would testify against the border patrol agents. Now we have a man here whose only crime was bringing back a wanted fugitive, a US citizen who our US attorney’s office is demanding bail be revoked and is saying he has no US constitutional rights. It would have been nice if they had worked so diligently to keep the Mexican, murderers, rapists and drug lords behind bars so that they could not flee to Mexico in the first place, but instead we are going to sacrifice one of our own in order to get them.

One would have to wonder why Fox wants Dog so bad, but if you think about it for just a few minutes it becomes very clear. Dog has done the one thing that Fox cannot allow to happen, he has infiltrated his domain and taken back a criminal without Fox’s permission. The US government did not have to beg the Mexican government to extradite. Fox knows that if Dog can do it once, he can do it again and that takes away from Mexico’s safe haven for criminals reputation. This case more than concerns me in the fact that our government is willing to sacrifice one of our own; they are willing to treat this man as though he was some mass murderer, who might harm someone if let out on bail. If they are willing to extradite Dog who is a public figure and willing to give him over to the Mexican authorities’ without even so much as an argument what does that say for the rest of us.

This is a very public case, the news media is watching everything, and however our US attorney’s office is making it very plain they intend to do anything Mexico asks. If it wasn’t a major star and the media was not looking, as in the case of the two border patrol agents who were about to be sentenced before the news went world wide, who would our government be working for? All one has to do is put two and two together.

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