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October 1, 2006

The Food Police Bite The Big Apple

I would like to offer my sincerest congratulations to the residents of the city of New York. That city is the only city, apparently, the most together, problem-free city in America. How can I know this you ask? Well look

Death By Chocolate, At Taxpayer Expense

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) gets over $300 million a year from you and me, purportedly to provide legal assistance to the poor. This is done through grants given to about 140 local programs throughout the country.

NC Senator Fred Smith: From JAG to Politics and Beyond

“I’m not a politician; I’m a CEO who ran for public office five years ago. In the world I live in, we deal with straight talk and clear vision,” says State Senator Fred Smith of North Carolina.

Learning How to Think

Progressive educators today proudly declare that they don’t warp students’ minds by teaching specific bodies of knowledge, by teaching to the test; they teach students how to think. That concept is a meaningless and dangerous abstraction.