Rant Of A Pissed Off Racist White Woman

By: Carolyn Hileman

OK, I am reacting out of anger, let me correct that I would say it is more like rage. We allowed these people to march in our streets, you and I did and we set back and let them scream at us that this is Mexico, well guess what people it must be because in the good ole’ United States of America you do not go on stage and attack an invited speaker. Can you imagine the comments that would have been sputtered out had we attacked those people in our streets? Well I am tired of our free speech being made a mockery of, I am tired of having to beg and plead with our leaders to stop this mess. I am damn sick and tired of being told it is not really a problem.

I hear from people trying to push the anti gay agenda, I hear from people telling me we must stop the democrats, I hear from people who want to over throw our government. But I never hear that we are with you and we must stop it or if I do it is with the added comment of either I just don’t know what we are going to do, or my personal favorite of the government will handle it. These people have been emboldened by the fact that we sat on our butts and did not a damn thing about that stupid march. Oh there were people who tried, they formed their own marches and there are a few that are still doing it but when they have OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND and we have maybe TEN, great representation of America don’t you think?

That there are ten maybe fifty if you are lucky Americans who are standing up to these invaders and I am really getting tired of hearing that is hog wash as well. What in the Hell is wrong with you people? Did you not see the news? Did you have your heads stuck in the sand? Did you honestly believe if we ignored them they would go away? Where in the Hell is the backbone of this damn country are they all deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do any of you really give a damn what happens to this country? Those of you who are in this fight please ignore this rant believe me it is not aimed at you.

You have sit on your butts, you have complained about how illegal immigration is a problem but when it comes time to stand up against them you want the rest of us to do all the work, you wouldn’t want to not mow your yard, you wouldn’t want to miss that baseball or football game, you wouldn’t want to do any damn thing but complain. I won’t say that we will stop fighting because some of us care what the hell happens here, some of us have enough anger and resentment to last us a life time. You have no idea the work it takes to put a rally together nor the total disappointment when only a handful show up, you don’t have any idea what it feels like to have damn Mexicans drive by shoot you the finger and laugh at you.

You have never had one stop in the street and tell you while laughing his ass off that you are the only ones fighting this and KNOW FOR A FACT IT IS TRUE!!!! Hell yeah I am pissed the Mexicans but you know what I am more pissed at the Americans, shame on you when your country needs you; you sit on your butt and wait for anyone and everyone else to fix it. I am aware I may loose a few friends and readers writing this but I am at the point I really do not care. I have had enough of those people who do nothing and expect us to fix everything, I have had enough of watching my country be invaded by illegal immigrants and my countrymen and women just looking the other way, or saying George W Bush will fix this, heads up people he is not fixing a damn thing and that 700 mile fence is just to shut us up, they have only funded half and what do you want to make a bet that after November they figure out there isn’t enough money and the whole thing just dies.

I could care less about Floley throw his butt in jail where it belongs and lets worry about a few real issues here shall we? I could care less about what the democrats say Bush has done or what the republicans say the democrats have done that is nothing but something to change our focus get us off the illegal immigrant war path we are on and hopefully make us forget it and go on to something else, it aint working. I want my country safe, I want my kids safe and I want my countrymen to help me make it so.

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