Something Is Terribly Wrong

By: Carolyn Hileman

It started shortly after 9/11, members of the media stopped wearing the US flag on their lapel because they wanted to appear impartial. Fire fighters and other city workers told to take American flags off their hats and machinery so as not to offend anyone. Canada became upset because we sang the National Anthem at a game and certain politicians’ clamed those of us who stubbornly continued to express our Americanism were wrapping our selves in the flag. Suddenly it was a terrible thing to be proud to be an American, it was offensive, it was elitism, it was brash, and it was intolerable, it was nothing that unusual. The media took their impartiality to a whole new level and became partial to any other country than America, Hollywood stars stood in our streets angry that we would even consider protecting ourselves, we had congressmen calling our troops murderers because they killed Saddam’s two boys.

For me, it is hard to fathom anyone hating the country that gave them so much, but that is what it appears to be is a classic case of American hatred. We expected it from the terrorists, we expected from the Muslims, we expected it from Cuba, Canada and other countries who have neither the resources nor the people we have. But never in our lives did we expect to see it from our own people; never did it occur to us that you would not love your county, that the sight of an American flag would be offensive to an American? These people had obviously forgotten what that flag represents, what country they swore allegiance to, and the people who put them in the positions that they were in so that they could stand and run down our country.

They in their haste to insult America they forgot that in the process they were insulting American’s as well, Americans who proudly waved their flags, painted them on barns, hung them from apartment porches, and stuck them on their cars even wore them on their clothes. They insulted every child who had ever pledged allegiance to this country and meant it, they insulted the veterans who fought for this great country and lost friends who believed their country was the best place on earth and worth dieing for to preserve. They insulted the young mother, who has fought daily to try to explain to her children why America was worth fighting for and why Daddy had to go and protect her, they insulted the little boy on the play ground who has black eye because he was defending his Mother who was defending us when he was asked if his Mom was one of those people in the pictures.

People seemed so surprised when the illegal immigrants marched in our streets carrying Mexican flags, and signs saying Viva Mexico, it was as much of a slap in the face as the planes flying into the buildings on 9/11 and it made us mad. Although we really should not be very surprised, what did we expect would happen when we allowed our media to come on nightly and put our county down? What did we expect when we allowed them to call our troops murderers, what did we expect when there was no public outcry over the so-called peace protests? What did we expect when we allowed people to protest at the hospitals of the wounded and the funerals of the dead servicemen? What did we expect, since the minute they started calling American pride elitism people started putting up their flags, and bowing down to the other countries because we wouldn’t want to offend anyone now would we?

It is no wonder people from another country feel free to come in our country and do or say anything they want, they honestly believe we don’t care. We allowed everyone else to so why not them? We have allowed the Muslim’s to squelch free speech around the world with threats of violence, we have allowed people from other countries to stand on a stage in our own country and insult our president and I am willing to bet there were even some American’s cheering them on. Back in my parents day they would have ran those men out of our country with a broom, they may not have agreed with everything that the president did or said but he was their president and you didn’t say anything bad about him.

Some would say that is old fashioned and all that is trying to squelch free speech and pull the American people down, that it would turn our country back centuries. Funny I don’t seem to remember anyone from any other country, marching in our streets telling us what to do back then; I don’t remember peace protests in the streets during Pearl Harbor. Those old fashioned beliefs managed to carry our country through some of the darkest days it has ever had, it carried them through a depression, a sudden attack on our country, rations and just about everything else you can think of. Those old fashioned beliefs held our country together for decades and managed to keep us a free country for those of you who are saying that the old ways will never work today.

I am all for a little independence, the ability to change the world around you, the ability to right the wrongs, but sometimes I think we have a bit much to independence, when our children are taught in schools that our country is evil and their parents don’t know what they talking about. When just because you play a president on TV you garner more respect that a real sitting president, when we put our flags away because we don’t want to appear to be too American something is wrong. When the little girl raising the flag at school feels embarrassed because she has been taught that the country it represents is nothing more than a bully, when the little boy is embarrassed to tell what his Daddy does in school because the other kids might laugh, something is wrong. If you’re not mad that the America haters have put us in the position that any group from any country can now waltz in here and intimidate us, kill us because we don’t subscribe to their beliefs or agree to them living here, then my friends something is terribly wrong.

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