Senator George Allen holds no racial slurs grudge

By: Lance Winslow

Apparently Senator George Allen went to school at a place where there was somewhat of a racial divide and many of the blacks constantly made white racial slurs and Senator George Allen had to deal with this. Indeed it appears the problem was quite serious at times and many of the blacks had formed gangs and it was well known both on and off the field. Senator George Allen had to deal with this over and over, each day and eventually understood the racial divide on a real personal basis.

It is for that reason that George Allen has championed so many initiatives to prevent these problems in his state and help cross the racial divide that is so common in American Culture. Working along side on the Football Team George Allen and his teammates crossed that divide and worked together to win games. They practiced together, worked hard and relied on each other to block, run plays and win championships too.

It is hard to find politicians these days who understand these issues as well as Senator George Allen and have lived through such unfortunate situations on such a personal level. If Senator George Allen can cross the racial divide at the street level to join together in a common cause and win Football Games then this is evidence of why we need him so bad to help our country join together and put these racial difference behind us. It is nice to know that George Allen holds no grudges for all those racial slurs he was called in the past and is still willing to champion the coming together of all Americans today and on into the future.

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